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the criss colfer exists!

So it's been a running thing in the Klaine fandom where we've been begging clamouring for a picture of Darren & Chris together. They've attended the same events in the past and yet, strangely, no Criss Colfer goodness. And this made us sad and be all "IT'S A CONSPIRACY!! ARGHHHHHH!"

But the joyous day has arrived!

BEST THING EVER TODAY especially as I'm still stuck at work finishing the file from hell (and I had to listen to my boss sing along with Elton John but I get the feeling either (a) he didn't realize he was singing aloud or (b) he didn't realize I could hear him HAHA).

This picture generated 5 pages of comments at a Klaine comm and the overusage of gifs and squee and sparkly text!! LOVE IT. Nothing like reading pure fangirl squee to brighten one's day!

Chris does look a tad awkward but, as it's been pointed out many times, Chris is always awkward on the red carpet.

To me, Chris looks all "*sigh* the internet is gonna explode cause of this, why are my fans such pervs?? haha" and Darren is his usual happy, shiny self LOLOLOL And that's about analytical I get :)


We got our picture. Now we're waiting for the inevitable joint interview. I fear the level of deaths by squee overload will be high when this happens. I love fandom sometimes :D

OK back to eating my jap chae (yummy Korean glass noodles) and working.
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