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the wizarding world of harry potter

Ahhhh Orlando where movies come to life :) I must admit, HP World was smaller than I expected it to be but what was there was fabulous. Loved all the little touches that only a hardcore fan would notice (or look up on the internet to make sure we caught everything).

I came to a sad realization though on this trip -- I can no longer handle rides because of nausea/motion sickness. The Forbidden Journey? I had to close my eyes like 15 seconds into it and I just prayed that I wouldn't throw up. But what I did see looked awesome lol! My 2 travel mates, Anj & Rina, seemed to really like it (although Rina seemed to like the obligatory picture taken while on the ride more than the actual ride itself as the shot of me with my eyes closed trying to keep all stomach contents inside my body would set her off in peals of laughter). Even the Men in Black & Spiderman rides, which I handled with ease the last time I was at Universal, made me nauseated. I was not impressed with myself.

BUT ANYWAY. Lots of things to see. Lots of things to buy (scarfs! wands! butterbeer & pumpkin juice! candy from honeydukes!) And before anyone mentions it, yes, in actuality, the place was a mixture of Hogsmeade & Diagon Alley. There is so much more they could've done. Perhaps in a few years time as they need to keep updating. I say get rid of The Lost Continent section and expand Harry Potter World.

Hogwarts Express



They serve 2 types of butterbeer: regular and frozen (the one with the straw). Quite yummy but a little too sweet for me.

Dogweed and Deathtrap (one of the many store-front only shops)

Tomes & Scrolls


Hagrid's Hut (Flight of the Hippogriff ride)

Hogwarts (The Forbidden Journey ride)

Me with a few friends in Filch's Emporium (gift shop)

Beauxbatons and Durmstrang

The Owlery

Three Broomsticks

Have you seen this wizard?
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