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Boss not here today and we get to leave by 4pm \o/

Even though I get Glee's music a few days before the episode, I've always avoided listening to them as I prefer to hear the song first in the context of the show. However, due to the overwhelming love I've seen around the internet for "Baby It's Cold Outside", my resolve broke and I had to listen. WOW WOW WOW. I had no idea how suggestive the lyrics were so now I can't wait to see how this song is staged.

Still working on post about trip to HP World. So many pictures! At first, I just picked the ones I thought were interesting but then I realized there were over 60 of them! Need to do some trimming and then start with the re-sizing & stuff.

Saw Megamind. Quite good and funny. Brad Pitt sounded like George Clooney though!

I've decided that I wanted to re-read Deathly Hollows before the movie is released to refresh the ol' memory. I'll start tomorrow, that should give me plenty of time.

OK back to work :(
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