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the work blahs

I've been back to work for 3 days now and I'm stuck doing boring crap.  The file I did before I left for vacation was supposed to be reviewed so I can clear the notes upon return.  The manager hasn't review it yet.  The job I was booked for this week has been postponed, pending on a decision to be made by a partner.  I'm in work limbo hell.

I need another vacation.

We have moved back into our newly renovated office space.  It's definitely lighter, more airer, more open.  Brighter.  Seating has been all re-arranged so it's been amusing watching people wander around, going "where's so-and-so's office?"  The bad side is that staff (other than tax) no longer have their own cubicles.  We all have to put up with hotelling.  On one hand, I can totally understand why -- how many days did I actually sit at my own desk last year?  Not many as I would spend weeks at a client's.  On the other hand, there's no where you can put your stuff anymore.  We get a shelf in a file cabinet now.  Oh joy.

I'm waiting for someone on one of the mp3-related LJ communities I watch to upload Clay Aiken's new CD.  Don't judge me.

Going to lunch now.



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Sep. 20th, 2006 06:06 pm (UTC)
Poor you.

What's hotelling?
Sep. 20th, 2006 06:50 pm (UTC)
Hotelling means that no one has an assigned desk/cubicle. Instead, you have to reserve a spot if you're going to be in the office. Like a hotel. It's a pain in the ass.
Sep. 21st, 2006 12:20 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a nightmare. What if you are overbooked?
Sep. 21st, 2006 02:12 pm (UTC)
Chances of overbooking is pretty rare, just due to the nature of our work but it definitely could happen. Guess the unlucky people will have to use the meeting rooms. It could also be the perfect excuse to work from home. :)
Sep. 21st, 2006 02:21 pm (UTC)
Oh and in my slackness, I was going to e-mail you and say thanks for offering to have the Freaks and Geeks DVDs sent to your house. Remember that? My sister decided to buy the collector's box set and it was all complicated and, long story short, she got them via e-bay. And I've been meaning to write for a few weeks and say this, as I really appreciated your offer to have them sent to your place.
Sep. 20th, 2006 08:28 pm (UTC)

Dude! Work SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much. I wanna be retired and spend my days stalking with you and bauersgirl for all the days of my life.

We must find Lance and Reichen some more!
Sep. 20th, 2006 09:25 pm (UTC)
*misses you too*

Yes on the Lance and Reichen. My days are just not complete without a L&R sighting. :)

We need to win the lottery.
Sep. 20th, 2006 09:02 pm (UTC)
Awww, poor Shingy. Works sucks here too. I miss you guys so much!

And don't worry. I won't judge you. I've been listening to Clay's new CD all afternoon! I haven't bought it yet, but I've been listening to it here: http://music.aol.com/songs/new_releases_full_cds

Yes, it's cheesy and quite gay but not as bad as I thought it would be. My favourite song so far is "Right Here Waiting" which surprised me b/c I love Richard Marx's version and thought it was untouchable but Clay does a more uptempo version and it works!
Sep. 20th, 2006 09:31 pm (UTC)

>>it's cheesy and quite gay...

I would expect nothing less from a Clay Aiken CD. :) So far, only one LJ-er has posted that s/he has the CD but would only trade for it. Unfortunately, I don't have any of his/her requests. Oh well, it'll eventually pop up.
Sep. 20th, 2006 10:24 pm (UTC)
I just got a download for ya! I'm running late though, will send it to you tomorrow!
Sep. 20th, 2006 11:48 pm (UTC)
Awesome!! Looking forward to the cheesiness and the gayness.
Sep. 21st, 2006 01:06 pm (UTC)
I saw Clay on Leno the other night (singing a cover song? Is his album all covers?) and it seriously didn't look like him because of the hair pushed forward and all the stubble (yikes!). It was only until he turned towards the camera, put his head back and belted a note that I saw the resemblance to his former image. Maybe it's just me but I think clean-shaven looks way better on him. Maybe it has something to do with my aversion to anything that resembles Chuck Norris and his horrendous glued-on GI Joe stubble.
Sep. 21st, 2006 02:08 pm (UTC)
Missed Clay on Leno. Clay with stubble? ahahaha I need to find a clip or something.

Yes, his album is all covers, cheesy covers to boot. Because of You? Everything I Do (I Do it for You)? Broken Wings? Geez, who picked these songs?

You're back from your trip? Can't wait to read all about it!
Sep. 22nd, 2006 12:38 pm (UTC)
Hehe, nice avi!

Anyway, yes I am back from my trip--since Sept 10 to be exact. And yes I have been dragging my ass on posting about it! I've been sick (the kind of sick where you're not sick enough to miss work but too lethargic to get much accomplished once work is done), trying to organize kids going back to school and extracurricular activities, slooooooowly getting my youngest's room painted...As you can see I have a lot of excuses! *grin*

On the bright side I finally finished going through all my pics of the trip and uploading the ones I want, so all I need to do is plant my hiney down and get to writing!

Stay tuned...
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