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what i did this weekend

As SIL had a course this weekend, I had to entertain Bro this weekend.

* visited St Lawrence Market where we bought yummy freshly baked croissants and shared a chicken & eggplant parmigiana sandwich

* walked through Eaton Centre to visit the Sony Store. I have a Sony Mastercard and I'm thinking of redeeming the points but what to get?? I don't need a tv (don't have enough points anyway). Playstation? But that'll be for my brothers, not me. And of course laptops but I have no use for a laptop -- I use a desktop at home & a netbook when I travel. Oh what to do...

* visited Tiffany's as Bro's 3rd anniversary is coming up. They have a mutual agreement where they don't exchange gifts for birthdays/anniversaries/etc unless someone really wants something and SIL has been scoping out the Tiffany's key necklaces for a while now. Thanks to my super duper detective skillz (haha), I found out that this one is her favourite.

* I may have purchased this ring for myself.

* I also may have ordered this Roots bag but in chocolate brown.

* With Glee's tribute to Rocky Horror coming up, it reminded me that I have not actually seen said movie. Definitely will watch before the episode so I can get all the references!

* Finally uploaded my pictures from the weekend trip to upstate NY
This weekend tour was to see the fall colours but alas, we were about 2 weeks early. Pretty scenery still pretty.

Letchworth State Park

Adirondacks train ride

At times, the train will pass through small towns, sometimes it seems right through people's backyards. Lots of waving to people. There was this one girl in a blue dress, waving to us from her back porch. So adorable. Much to our delight, not only people greeted us

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