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survived first week of work

The dreaded first week is over. And right into a long weekend, nice.

My thoughts on my new job situation...

The CONs: It's so freaking quiet. The way the company is set up, everybody is split into separate offices so even though everything falls under "Fieldgate", if you didn't know, it looks like there's like 6 different companies in the building. So in my office, which is one of the management corporations, there's only 6 of us. At first, I had my own office but now I'm sharing an office with the payroll girl. I don't mind at all, gives me someone to talk to at least. But then my boss basically tells me that one of the reasons they moved me was so that I could "keep an eye on" the payroll girl -- they think she should be able to handle a larger workload but is too busy chatting on the phone or whatever. Well, that certainly opened my eyes a bit about how things are run.

I'm also overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies. At my previous job, I only dealt with the housing construction side which can be confusing enough depending on how many sites they have going. But over here, because I'm in the financial services department, I see ALL the companies -- housing, land development, commercial, property management, payroll, trusts, holding companies, it goes on and on and on. I'm not working on every single company but I do need to know how they connect. I know this will only get easier with time but it's damn frustrating.

The PROs: The commute is ~40 minutes. I sit on the subway for 30 mins, then walk for another 10. The walk will probably feel like 30 once winter comes bleh. For 2010, the company closed for a total of 12 days for the Jewish holidays. I've already did a little bit of research and it looks like it'll be about 11 days for 2011. What? Very important information here ;) And I found out today that on Fridays, they would like everyone to leave by 4:30 because of the Sabbath. Once daylight savings time kicks in, it switches to 4:00. I was home by 5:15 today.

I think I can handle any cons for an extra 2 weeks off plus early Fridays. :)
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