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alex totally would've won

Watched the SYTYCD finale tonight. Loved the opening number and when they rolled Alex out? \o/ !!!! Since I pretty much stopped watching the show after Alex was eliminated, a lot of the routines were new to me. My love for Pasha & Anya continues to grow.

QUEST CREWWWWWWWW!!! Hello new female crew member! Their performance was brilliant. I love how they use non-hip hop/R&B music.

NPH in the house!

The performance by Neil and SYTYCD UK winner, Charlie, was gorgeous. Didn't a couple of years ago they brought on an Australian winner? Why no love for your friendly northern neighbours? :(

I thought Billy was eliminated due to an injury?

I have to say that when Twitch opened that door, I busted out laughing. There was no way they could not have shown that routine. They already re-played Alex & Alison's performance so to re-play this would've been boring. And to have someone else dance it would've just invited a whole lot of internet space being wasted on comparing the 2. But Ellen doing a modified version with humour was good and Alex coming out on his crutches to applause was an excellent way to pay tribute. Cause y'all know Alex would've won ;)

But the best part of the night? Seeing the commercial for the new season of SYTYCD CDA featuring S1 & S2 winners, Nico & Tara Jean:

I love our promos! I still love the promo featuring Blake McGrath for S1. Bring on S3!!
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