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Alex Wong has been eliminated from SYTYCD due to an injury =( And there goes my interest in this season. I couldn't name you half of the contestants as most of the time, I'm more interested in the All-Star (especially Pasha, hello!) than the contestant. I never thought I would say this, but I kinda miss Mary Murphy as a judge. Nigel's perviness is getting worse and worse, Mia is downright cruel sometimes and Adam is just there.

I went on a little impromptu shopping spree on Amazon. I just wanted to check the track listing of a CD which lead to perusing the DVD section... OMG the Doctor Who Specials DVD is finally at a decent price (ie <$40)! *click* OMG Avatar: Book 3 is only $16.99! *click* Avatar: Book 1 is on sale too! *click* *refrains from buying Book 2 cause the sale wasn't good enough* Oooo nice discount on The Girl Who Played With Fire *click* Aaaaaand stop. I finally received my tax refund (only 3 months late of which I earned a whopping $23 in interest, thanks government!) so not feeling too guilty.
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