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the doctor dances... and plays glastonbury

WOW. I pretty much loved the finale. I loved the more intimate feel to it. Yes, the universe is in danger (again) but the story pretty much focused on the Doctor, Amy and Rory. Loved all the jumping through time. The return of little Amelia!

But it was the little things I adored the most. The legend of the centurion. The ability of Matt Smith to make even a fez look cool. Amy & River's solution to the fez. The 2 scenes between Amy and the Doctor and the Doctor talking to a sleeping Amelia. Tying in memories of the TARDIS to "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". When the Doctor wakes up in the TARDIS, "Ah, okay, I escaped then. Brilliant. Love it when I do that. Legs. Yes. Bowtie. Cool. *feels the top of his head* I can buy a fez." Matt's delivery was brilliant. And of course, the Doctor at Amy's wedding. The tails! The absolute hilarious and awful dancing! I adore Rory so yay for him continuing to be a companion (I knew going into this season that Amy was returning for S6). Married companions, should be interesting.

I've really enjoyed S5 except for the eps with the underground lizard people, thought that was pretty boring. According to Moffatt in Confidential, S6 will be about the Silence and River Song \o/

Snagged from dr_is_in. I can't even explain how brilliant this is!

Love how you can tell it's Matt just from the hair. And the coat! Love that coat on him!
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