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van gogh

In honour of the latest Doctor Who ep, "Vincent & the Doctor" - which I loved - this is my favourite Van Gogh painting:

Blossoming Almond Tree, 1890

I've never seen this painting before til I saw it in the Van Gogh Museum in Amesterdam. I had no idea he went through a Japanese period. In the episode, it was mentioned quite a few times about how Van Gogh saw colour and that was what drew me to this painting. I love that colour blue. If memory serves (this was back in '03) I do believe I literally let out a little gasp when I saw the painting. I didn't buy a lot of souvenirs on that trip (one of the downfalls of backpacking) but I left Amesterdam with not only a print but also a bag featuring the painting.

ETA: It was a bit jarring to hear Van Gogh pronounced as "Van Goff". I'm assuming that's the British pronunciation? I've always heard it as "Van Go" and that's how I say it. Ahhhh, the things you learn from Doctor Who!

What are your favourite paintings, f-list? I would love to see!
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