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canada's sweethearts

I received an e-mail - when corporate spam was actually good for something! - this morning announcing that Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir have joined the Roots team. Oh Roots, can they do the Olympic gear again? Not that The Bay is bad, I just think Roots is a better fit. Anyway, Virtue & Moir are just too adorable for words. Link to video (which includes shot of shirtless!Scott :D).

The last one is my absolute fave. The chemistry between them is off the charts! Perhaps it's better that they never become a couple cause then we won't have the possibility of another Sale/Pelletier break-up =(.

PS thank you, Tessa, for not wearing those skating tights that cover the boots, damn I hate those!

PPS disappointed mood due to eating breakfast food that turned out to be pretty bleh
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