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For those who haven't seen Sue Sylvester's Vogue, like us poor Canucks. This was aired after the ep last night. Jane Lynch is 100% pure AWESOME.


Anyone want to check out the Harry Potter exhibit at the Science Centre with me? I'm definitely going. I want to get sorted! The exhibit runs til August 22.


I tuned into American Idol last night only because Adam Lambert was the mentor. I made it almost halfway through the program before switching the channel. They're only at the Top 9? Yes, double elimination tonight but still. It feels like this season has been on for forever! The show was 90 minutes long and it felt like the judges barely had time to make a comment! The music actually cut off Simon at one point LOL


Can't believe I was so busy at work that I forgot to listen to Matt Smith on CBC Radio 1. Thank goodness it re-airs tonight at 10pm.


Reading about derivatives and hedging and futures etc is boring and confusing. Why oh why did I sign up for the Canadian Securities Course?
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