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beware of the sneaky gays as they're very... um... sneaky!

Another classic Sue's Corner from Sue Sylvester

For those not familiar with Sue, this is basically her character -- judgmental, no filter, non-PC, inappropriate and MADE OF AWESOME.

Can't wait for the return of Glee. All the promos just make the hiatus seem to drag even more!

Speaking of Adam Lambert. Can I just say how much I am loving his iheartradio stripped videos? He sounds amazing!! As much as I enjoy the flash, I love it when artists go acoustic/stripped down. Really looking forward to his Unplugged performance. Has that happened yet?

One of my faves but damn it, the mp3 I ripped won't upload to iTunes :( It worked for the other videos *whines* No iTunes means I can't get it on my iPod which is so annoying and my biggest pet peeve with Apple products.
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