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* Watching the Paralympics highlights. Skiing for the visually impaired amazes me. The trust between the skier and the guide must be so strong. Our dream for triple Olympic gold (women's hockey, men's hockey and sledge hockey) was thwarted, not by the Americans or the Russians or the Swedes but by... the Japanese!! Curses *shakes fist in anger*!

* For those who have traveled to NYC a lot. I'm going this weekend for the Gays of Our Lives convention. The convention will be held in the Chelsea/Greenwich Village area (mainly at the Stonewall Inn). Since I am a master procrastinator, I haven't booked my hotel yet. Anyone with suggestions about decent hotels in the area?

* I've been meaning to post this but I keep forgetting. As American singers re-did We are the World for Haiti Relief, the Canadians re-did a song by K'naan, Wavin' Flag. Never was a big fan of the song but I kinda like this version.

Young Artists for Haiti

Link. I say I recognized about 80% of the soloists although, looking at the artist list, I recognize more names than faces. Of course it was recorded in Vancouver during the Olympics while I was there but did I see any of them? Noooooooooo
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