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day one

Am in Vancouver! Damn, the weather is so nice here. No jacket required. I saw a couple of guys in shorts!

Today was short as I am tired (waking up at 4am does that to you) and walking around downtown Vancouver just wiped me out. So am chilling at my cousin's place and wrestled the computer away from Leo (my cousin's 16 y.o. son) with promises of being done quickly (he has v important video games to play, you understand ;)).

What's this crazy line for? The Japadog!! (Japanese style hot dog)

My japadog, the okonomi. YUM.

Me + the Russian mascots. So cute.

I wanted to get a Miga - the small orca/bear mascot - keychain but the line to just get into the Olympic store at The Bay was unbelievable.

So that was basically my first day -- the cauldron, a japadog and braving the crowds of downtown Vancouver LOL Tomorrow, Granville Island & Olympic Village.
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