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it's almost time!!

What a sad way to start the Olympics -- RIP luger Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. He was only 21 =(

I'm packing at the moment while the Olympics preshow is on the telly. Love the Donald Sutherland commercial. The camera battery is recharging. The mp3 player is syncing. And it's still bloody raining in Vancouver/Whistler! No rain, they need snow!!

The fact that we are the only country to host multiple Olympics but never won a gold is being harped all the time. Which ever athlete does this first will be hailed as a hero LOL And if we don't win hockey gold, we may have a revolt. Seriously. I watched a hour-long special on the choosing of the men's team the other day. You know when it's the Olympics when I start watching stuff like that!

OK, back to packing and cleaning my place (which is still a mini-disaster zone from the reno).

Do us proud, Vancouver opening ceremony! T-minus 22 minutes!!!

ETA: Why is the NBC feed on a delay? And Chinese Taipei Taiwan represent!! =)

ETA2: Damn, how tight is Nelly Furtado's dress?! And I just need to say that I'm jealous of Shaun White's hair.

ETA3: That projection floor is amazing. I loved the orcas swimming across. Sarah M!

ETA4: kd lang's voice is gorgeous. Uh oh, glitch on the cauldron! Of all the things to go wrong, not the cauldron! So, Gretzky lights the outside one. Look at the rain! And all the crazy people running along with the cars.
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