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coughing my way through the holidays

I finally get a decent holiday and I get a cold. I basically slept through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day only venturing outside to pay my respects at Grandfather's grave, have dim sum with the parents and watch Sherlock Holmes (I liked it but I think I would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't spending half the time trying not to have a coughing fit). Back downtown for a few days. Met up with a friend for lunch and watched Up in the Air with R (good movie, the ending was a tad depressing though).

I'm about 80% recovered. Still have coughing fits but not as much. Just in time too as Mom & I are off on a mini-trip tomorrow. Since my office is closed for the week, I really wanted to go somewhere. At first, I was thinking California or something but then I realized the prices were just too high cause of the holidays. And now with what's happening with the airlines, it turned out for the best after all. So, Mom & I joined one of those Chinese tours -- 3 day bus tour to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City & Kingston. Not the best as we're basically spending 1/2 a day in each city so it's very rush rush but it'll be good. Last time I was in Ottawa was 92 or 93. Even earlier for Quebec City which I barely remember.

Sounds like everyone's holidays are going well. Enjoy NYE, whatever you're doing and I'll see y'all in 2010 (with pictures of my trip, of course!).
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