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The Olympic torch relay came through the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)/Toronto today. A friend & I went to City Hall to see. The place was packed. We got there around 6:40. The torch was scheduled to arrive at 7pm. It arrived more like 8pm -- supposedly a protest held up the relay. We got a pretty good view from the upper walkway but we couldn't see the stage at all. All that waiting in the cold for a few seconds LOL

I don't even know who I saw carrying the torch in LOL. Brian Orser carried it way early this morning. And I know Ivan & Jason Reitman carried it for a stretch. *Googles* Oh, looks like it was Vicky Sunohara -- member of the women's gold medal Olympic hockey team. Cool.

This picture makes me laugh. Can you tell what it is? 6 cops on horses. Using the flash, all you see is the reflective strips LOL

Thanks to my f-list, I have been informed that as a permanent member, I can hand out 10 $10 coupons to those who have a basic account and wish to upgrade to a paid account. Let me know if you're interested!
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