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this icon amuses me so

You know what else amused me? Today's episode of Supernatural. You know, this whole being 90% spoiler-free thing is kinda cool! I remember reading about an ep where the boys get trapped in various tv shows but I didn't know it was today's ep so that was a nice surprise. The opening credits! Sam in the Japanese game show! I laughed so hard when Sam was hit in the groin AHAHAHAHA!!! Sam as KITT!! The constant putting on & taking off of the sunglasses! I somehow missed the herpes commercial (damn my constant channel surfing) so I look forward to seeing it once I d/l the ep.

So the Trickster was Gabriel all this time. Did not see that coming at all.

This was the first ep of SPN that I've enjoyed in a while.

What did not amuse me was discovering that Kris Allen's super special limited offer of CD with signed lithograph is available only in the US =( Oh well. To cheer me up, here are some pics of Kris' recent photoshoot and Adam on the red black (ooo how edgy!) carpet for 2012.

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