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more soap talk...

This Tuesday, peeps! Tuesday is the day I will start watching General Hospital again.

Pictures from soapnet

These pictures make me SO HAPPY. It's the original gang back together! All we're missing is Amber Tamblyn as Emily but stupid show killed off the character.

As excited as I am to see Rebecca & Jonathan together, I'm dying to see Tony Geary and Jonathan work together again. I loved them as father/son. Now, will Laura be back?

The Nick/Kyle/Oliver storyline is finally moving along. I love that OLTL is using the soap staple triangle storyline -- A agrees to marry B even though still has feelings for C (and the feelings are mutual), which B is completely aware of but still sticks by A hoping that everything works out -- and applying it in a situation where all those involved are guys.

Nick's proposal and Kyle's acceptance were so frigging adorable. Someone please hug Oliver. Poor guy is not having a good day -- first he gets put on leave because a complaint was filed against him, then he witnesses his ex accept a marriage proposal.

How adorable is Kyle in his bare feet?! And a behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot video with Brett and Scott: thank god we're only dating on television. :D I've been enjoying Kyle/Nick but Kyle/Fish can not come fast enough!

Non-soap talk. Kris Allen being all adorable throwing a football. Just how tiny is Kris? The picture of him with the Dolphin cheerleaders, he's like the same size as the girls!

I don't know why I didn't post these pics on my last entry but here they are!

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