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Still watching and loving Castle and still loving Nathan Fillion. A photo has leaked from next week's Hallowe'en episode and makes me love Fillion even more. I love that he's just as big of a fan as we are.


I've discovered there's plans for a 'gays in soaps' convention in NYC next year -- possibly March 2010? -- with the main draws being the 2 supercouples from the German soaps, Olli/Christian and Deniz/Roman. OMG I SO WANT TO GO!!! If anyone wants to hang in NYC for a weekend...


Quickie updates:

* Went to Michael Buble autograph signing. The line was long and there was a mini panic attack as security stopped giving out wristbands 4 people in front of me but everything turned out fine. Buble was looking good, skinnier.

* Had a uni friends get together -- there's 6 of us that's kept in touch -- and bonded with friend's 8 year old daughter over the JoBros, Zac Efron (I won her over when I told her that I had seen Zac up close and personal) and our hatred of Vanessa Hudgens.

* Where are the HIMYM d/l links?! I missed the show tonight and I'm reading about all the awesome Canadiana that was included.

* I'm getting so tired of TWoP. I completely stay away from the SPN forum, it's the Glee forums that are annoying me now. Yes, we can all agree that auto-tuning sucks but dear heavens, they've beaten that dead horse -- it's in the spoiler threads, the music thread, the episode threads, the characters' threads, etc etc, week after week.

* All Merlin fanfic should be rated R. What's this PG crap? Seriously. And question to fanfic readers/writers -- the rating T, what does that stand for? It's driving me nuts.
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