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things making me happy right now

1. Glee! is GLEEFUL!!!! I missed a good portion of last week's show cause I was laughing too much! They sang Bell Biv Devoe and Color Me Badd!! We learned more about some of the other characters (Kurt's coming out was very well done). And Puck! OMG Puck. You're a bully and smarmy and a cougar-chaser but when you look like this:

and move like that:

I forgive you. Your singing isn't bad either :)

2. The return of Merlin! Complete with shirtless!Arthur YAY!! I've missed Colin's cheekbones. Great first episode but that's not what's making me happy. Here's a clip from a behind-the-scenes special with Colin & Bradley being goofy and adorable.

But what song are they listening to? you ask. Cue the Merlin fangirls and their awesome lip reading techniques.

OH BOYS. 80s music FTW! Now I need to d/l this song LOL (and David Archeluta sang this on AI? hahahaha) The fact that Colin & Bradley are sharing earphones *squee* reminded me of Kradam (Kris was given a headphone splitter from Adam fans so they could listen to music together) which brings me to number 3.

3. Kradam. Reading Kris' twitter party and someone asked him about Kris wearing Adam's jacket on the last night of the tour. And my brain promptly shorted cause KRIS WEARING ADAM'S JACKET IS MADE OF WIN AND GIVES ME HAPPY THOUGHTS. But this is where my happy stops because I can not find a decent picture of this :( My internet skills are failing me.
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