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Went to the Fan Expo with onci_dium and ellel. Lots of queuing -- ticket line (where I enjoyed looking at Hot Guy in Hurley T-shirt); autograph line for Thomas Dekker; ticket line for Bruce Campbell autographs (which sold out) -- and then spent time just chilling, reveling in the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory and other fandom stuff while eating our vastly overpriced hotdogs (hotdog + drink + chips = $8.70 WTF? but I was starving so you win).

I was there mainly to see Thomas Dekker who was a complete sweetheart and loved it when I told him I was a member of dekker_daily (he referred to me as a Dekker Daily girl *squeeee*). And I got a hug YAY!!!

Thomas Dekker. Wearing a tank *fans self* Smart man as it was hot in there! I heard the line ended up being 3 hours long and Thomas probably stood the entire time. Dude is awesome :)

Last picture was purely an ass shot. I had to take it :)

James Kyson Lee from Heroes

Bruce Campbell. While I know who he is, I haven't seen any of his movies, etc. I admit I was a little surprised to see just how big his fanbase is.

Hey, look! It's the original Sarah Connor! Linda Hamilton

Emma Caulfield (Anya from Buffy)

Other stars seen but unable to snap a photo -- Robert Duncan McNeill, Beau Bridges, Billy Dee Williams and Leonard Nimoy.
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