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I kinda forgot about these boys until I was perusing another forum this afternoon and Hanson was mentioned. Popped over to their site and was very happy to discover that new music is on its way!! \o/ But no tour stops in Toronto :(

Promo vid for "Stand Up Stand Up". Taylor just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Zac is looking good, too.


The TIFF guest list has been released. Lots of stars I've already seen (Clooney, Farrell, McGregor? whatever LOL) so who am I most excited about? Colin Firth (who I missed the last time he was here), Ben Barnes, Dominic Cooper and OMG GASPARD ULLIEL!!!!! *squeeeeeeeee*

Gaspard's coming here The Vintner's Luck.

The trailer isn't all that impressive but Gaspard as an angel?! I am SO.THERE. And I'm a tad disappointed it's in English. Just seems that it'll be better in French.

Is it wrong that I'm kinda hoping this job falls through so I'll have the time to stalk? I have my priorities straight, right?
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