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0 Elvis sightings :(
1 car
2 parents
7 days
11 states (we drove thru NY, PA, OH, KY, TN, MS, AR, MO, IL, IN & MI - hope I got all the abbrev correct!)
3,988 km

First stop, Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The bus belonged to Johnny Cash and man, not much room to maneuver in there! We couldn't take pictures inside but the Michael Jackson tribute was in the lobby. Going through the exhibits, I started wondering which bands/artists from today would be inducted in the future. Coldplay, perhaps?

We ended up just driving through Cincinnati. And I waved to Fan, wherever she was :)

Hello, Kentucky (and Jangly)!

^ Quick picture of Louisville as we drove through.

Our only Kentucky stop was the Mammoth Cave National Park. We took one of the cave tours which was pretty cool. Also, quite the workout as my thighs hurt for 2 days after which just proves how out of shape I am.

Onto Tennesse! First stop, Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry.

The shot of all the mailboxes -- if your favourite country singer is a member of the Opry, all you need on the envelope is the name and Grand Ole Opry and it'll come here and then picked up. What kills me is that Carrie Underwood has a mailbox. Carrie freaking Underwood!

Second stop: Country Music Hall of Fame

Anybody remember the show Hee Haw? I barely remember it myself but I know I watched it. And I definitely remember the cornfield. The other picture is of Elvis' gold Cadillac and gold piano.

Afterwards, we headed down to Memphis and I spent a great evening chilling out with Jersey and her dogs and then Jersey's sis joined us. Which reminds me, gotta look up the recipe for the yummy macaroni casserole Jersey made.

The day of Elvis had arrived! But first, a quick stop to pay respects to Martin Luther King who was killed at the Lorraine Motel.

Sun Records studio:

The last picture is called "The Million Dollar Quartet" and is considered one of the most famous photographs in rock n roll history. Pictured are Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Someone asked the tour guide if the picture was sold in the gift shop and she said that they no longer sell it because the estates of the 4 singers could not agree on how to split the royalties. It always comes down to money, doesn't it?

The reason for this whole trip -- Graceland!!

Graceland was actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Guess I'm so used to the mansions you see on Cribs and whatnot these days. The grounds in the back were nice. The famous jungle room complete with green shag carpet on the ceiling! And the pool room, it's hard to see cause we weren't allowed to use flash, but the walls & ceiling are covered in fabric LOL. The room with the famous sequined outfits and floor-to-ceiling records is actually a racquetball court. Sad to realize that Elvis' grandmother passed away 2 years after he did. They also included a small plague for Elvis' twin brother. I didn't realize this til after but they don't allow anyone to go upstairs. Guess they want to keep some things private which is nice.

I always forget how good looking Elvis was in his younger days. Dude was a hottie especially in his army uniform :)

Heard quite a lot of chatter about MJ's death. They both died in a similar fashion -- cardiac arrest due to prescription drugs -- and the rumour of turning Neverland into another "Graceland".

There was lots more to see -- Elvis' 2 planes, the cars, etc -- but (a) it was too expensive and (b) we had another stop! So off to Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis' birthplace, we go!

The quote was part of the "story wall" (antecdotes from people who knew Elvis) and I liked it. Thought it was sweet. The home is really small. Just 2 rooms -- a bedroom/living room and a kitchen.

Well, that's as far south we go. Time to start heading north again. Next stop is St Louis via Arkansas.

^ Crossing the Mississippi River into Arkansas.

The Gateway Arch. At first, I didn't want to go cause it's just an arch, ya know? I had no idea that you could go up to the top and there's a whole complex underground.

Drive through Illinois on the way to Indianapolis, Indiana.

We didn't stay long in Indianapolis. Just visited a park to stretch our legs. And did some outlet shopping where I bought another Coach bag. On sale, it was on sale! I was told by the helpful Coach saleslady that Coach is available in Canada now. Gee, thanks. And I was asked by the Nike cashier if we can get Nike up here LOL. Where can't you get Nike?

Through Ohio -- which wins for nicest state line crossing -- and onward to Detroit, Michigan.

The only stop we made in Detroit was the Motown Museum which was similar to Sun Records. No pictures as it was not allowed. When we first drove by looking for a parking space, it looked pretty empty. By the time we arrived, not 1 but 3 separate family reunions showed up! It was all good though cause they were getting into singing The Supremes and The Four Tops during the tour.

We drove through downtown Detroit on our way to the border and it was dead. DEAD. On a Saturday afternoon. For me, that's so strange. The only time I've seen downtown TO that dead was at 3 am heading home after the HP midnight showing.

Crossed the border with no hassle. Funny moment when Dad called the male customs officer "Ma'am" instead of "Sir". He said he got nervous but he's crossed the border so many times during his 7 years of working in Troy (suburb of Detroit). 4 hours later, we arrived home :)

If you've made it to the end, I applaud you *applause* Sorry for all the commentary but I figure, for my own memories, if I don't get it down, it'll be forgotten.
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