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Back from watch HP&HBP with bauersgirl. 3 midnight showings, we were at the 3rd one and it was about 85-90% full. It was fun listening to other people analyze the film while I was walking home.

I think I can pretty much sum up my initial thought like this -- thank heavens they cut out most of the flashbacks. They left 2 in, both dealing with Tom Riddle. I found HBP to be the worst of all the books as I simply found all those damn flashbacks utterly boring.

Grint is very good with the comedy. Watson was bringing the angst (even got a few girls in the audience sniffling). Radcliffe as Harry under the influence of Liquid Luck was amusing. He did a good job with showing the 180 degree change in the character. Felton did creepy and conflicted and looked really skinny in that black suit. No Dursleys this time around. Weasleys at a minimum. No sign of the 2 eldest Weasley boys, guess we'll never meet them. And wasn't HBP that had all the Percy drama? None of that either and now that I think of it, I don't think Percy was in the movie at all.

The jumping between the dramatic and the comedy/romance was a little jarring. Snape pwnd all as usual. He doesn't have many lines but they're all good. Oh and they cut out all that digging into who the HBP was. Whole thing was reduced to one line at the end when Snape revealed he was the one.

Overall, good flick. Dragged a bit as I did yawn a couple of times but maybe it was due to the time, not the movie.

Found a new photoshoot of DanRad and they're quite good.

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