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Thanks to lady_caitie's mad internet skillz, she found out that Billy Klippert (2nd runner-up of the first CI) was playing a show at the Mohawk Racetrack.  Couple of PMs later and off we go!

This is my first time seeing Billy perform live (other than the Snow White production).   He was looking good.  It took me a few minutes but I finally realized what was different about him -- no sunglasses!!  Billy sang 8 songs (half covers, half his own) accompanying himself on guitar.  Good news is that he expects to release his 2nd CD in a few months (he's already at the mixing stage).  If this happens, he'll be the first CI contestant to release a sophmore CD.  Who would've thunk?

Right before Billy was to perform, a light rain started.  But the sun came out by the time he was finished his first song.

Billy signed autographs between his 2 sets and after the show.  He is really personable and friendly.  We asked about Ryan and Billy mentioned how he believes Ryan is pretty close to getting a record deal.  The Ryan/Billy love lives on!

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