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one week with joshua jackson

OMG I WISH. Sadly, this did not happen but I did spend 94 minutes with him in the dark ;) I've been itching to go see a movie since I haven't stepped foot in a theatre in months so I saw One Week yesterday and I really liked it.

It's a very simple, quiet movie. And just so Canadian. The scenery is gorgeous. I've always wanted to drive/take the train across country and this movie only reinforced that. Of course, reality sets in and while it takes Ben about 5 mins to drive to see the Big Nickel in Sudbury, in reality, that's a 6 hour drive. It sucks that taking the train is so expensive here.

The ending is left open though. Did Ben & Samantha truly part ways? It sure seems that way but the love appeared to still be there. I liked the little twist regarding the narrator. And we are never told definitely what happened with Ben. He obviously lived long enough to write his book but did he get treatment? Did he live to see his book get published? The scene with the Stanley Cup and the Anaheim Duck player. I wonder if that was planned because of Joshua's connection to the hockey team or if it was just pure coincidence.

Joshua's appearance on The Hour:

What is with certain men in suits? *sigh*

And of course, this is the perfect excuse to repost my TIFF pictures!

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