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america's best dance crew

Anybody watch ABDC? I was pretty into it for the first season, lost interest in the 2nd but came back for the 3rd when I discovered that 2 guys who were on SYTYCD -- Hok & Dominic (aka D-Trix) -- were on as part of Quest Crew. Quest was the early favourite but, IMO, they got boring as a lot of their routines were similar: a bit of dancing + tricks + hamming it up. The season was theirs to lose and they were beginning to lose it. I just watched their last 2 dances before the finale and OMG THEY KICKED SO MUCH ASS!!! The tricks they do are INSANE but this time, they were so much better integrated into the routine. Anyway, I just need to put their YT vids here for future viewings.

The Decathalon Challenge -- stupid name as each crew was required to perform 5 (not 10) elements of hip-hop: threading, tutting, waving, housing, krumping (order which QC performed them)

Final dance. Each crew was allowed to create their own music and could do whatever they wanted for choreography. Quest Crew dubbed this "Or-Quest-ra"

OK, how much did I love they incorporated the piano? LOVE. And that freeze? I can't even comprehend how anyone could even do that! And that last trick! DUDE PUSHES OTHER DUDE WHILE DOING A BACKFLIP OVER 2 OTHER DUDES. No words to express how cool that was.

I'm going to watch it again.
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