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golden globes 09

First, was flipping between the Globes and 24 so obviously missed some stuff. For fellow 24 fans -- did they explain how you-know-who is still around? That last scene, with the foot chase on the boat? HOT. Kiefer in the blue button-down shirt. HOT. I'm really liking that the show moved location. A change was definitely needed. Where's Chloe?

Golden Globes. OMG YAY for Slumdog. The film hasn't been released in India yet? There's going to be celebrations galore. And OMG DOUBLE YAY for Kate Winslet!!! I just freaking love her. Kate and Cate Blanchett are my 2 major celebrity girl-crushes. Her "oh my god, who's the other one? ... Angelina!" was classic. I never knew how close she is with Leo until I read the EW interview with those two. Their friendship and genuine affection for each other is just heartwarming. Spielberg is, well, Spielberg but the montage with all his movies was an eye-opener. It's easy to forget just how many, not just films but great films, he directed/produced. Colin Farrell. His cold/cocaine line was funny and damn, he's looking good sober! Have always preferred him with short hair and that Irish accent gets me everytime. Tina Fey's speech and internet shoutout was awesome. But it was made even more awesome when I discovered (thanks to TWOP) that the people she called out actually exist!! The TV portion was pretty boring as I don't watch any of the shows. Well, I've d/l'd all the 30 Rock eps but other than that, nada.

I need to get caught up in the movie-watching as so many movies that were nominated tonight are just sitting on the harddrive -- Benjamin Button, In Bruges, Happy-Go-Lucky, Revolutionary Road, Burn After Reading & Tropic Thunder.
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