March 14th, 2007


Технологическая ветка "Galactic Civilisations II"

Xeno Business
Enables the construction of starbase modules and planetary improvements that enhance our culture.
The best way to make other cultures bend themselves to your whims is to sell stuff to them. Once they're addicted to our clothes, our food, our entertainment and more, we've got them. Plus we get to make a tidy profit too.

Cultural Domination
Enables the construction of starbase modules and planetary improvements that enhance our culture.
There is more than one way to conquer a galaxy. Weapons, ships, death, destruction are tried and true ways to be sure. But there is another way - cultural seduction. We convince - influence - the citizens of other worlds to demand that they become part of our civilization.

Historical Assimilation
Enables us to assimilate our culture into the popular historical understanding of alien history.
Stage 1 of any relationship starts out with the two parties believing they have "so much in common." This is rarely true in reality as everyone knows the tale of the Drengin princess and the Torian slave who fell in love back on Toria Prime. However, any real attempt to culturally dominate another culture involves making them believe that their history has a lot in common with ours.

Xeno Cultural Trends
Enables us to build structures/modules that establish galactic cultural trends.
It will be important for us to help quickly translate any popular cultures that originate in our civilization into ones that flourish in other civilizations. Thus, we will set ourselves up as the center of cultural life.

Cultural Insurrection
Enables us to effectively pursue a strategy of inciting aliens to rebel.
Once the citizens begin to feel like they can no longer relate to their native governments, we need to provide them with the means to non-violently rebel against those governments. In this way, we can pick off their civilization one planet at a time.

Cultural Conquest
Provides the ultimate tools necessary to conquer another culture.
Why bother to conquer a culture through brute force when it can be done so much more expediently from the inside by its own citizens? No muss, no fuss.

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