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One For The Road.
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Date:2006-03-08 11:00
Subject:Stolen from tiffeh. Cause we are canucks of a feather.
Mood: cynical


Yaknow.... First off. Neither of them bought the cup of coffee, so neither have any more right to it than the other according to what the Tim Horton official said. HOWEVER this is my take on it.

Child #1 grabbed a cup out of the garbage. As refuse it had no owner. This could be legally established in court. By taking it that is a claim of ownership, unless it was retrieved under orders of another person. It was not according to this story.

Child #2 was asked to roll the rim as child #1 couldn't. There was no mention of any agreement of sharing a potential prize, or compensation for services rendered, therefore girl #1 or her family are under no obligation to share in the rewards if they don't want to.

I ask someone on LJ to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 49. Someone does. I play those numbers in the Lotto. I win. There is no legal grounds or precidence that I would have to share one cent with anyone UNLESS, before doing so I said "If it wins I'ma gonna hook you up with so grade A coin" or something to that effect. Now I'd be on the hook as the person suggesting numbers now has proof of a verbal contract/commitment of compensation.

The mother of Girl #2 should be ashamed of herself. She has degraded and belittled the good deed of help and friendship that her daughter did, by helping a smaller, younger schoolmate. In time, I don't doubt Karma would see that kid rewarded in some form or other, but by her Mom's actions, now its just an embarassment.

/end rant

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Date:2006-03-08 10:22
Subject:Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer
Mood: amused


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Date:2006-03-07 14:20
Subject:Completely Inspired by BadgerBadger
Mood: mellow

Badgerbadger took some great photos in Maine, which is just South of New Brunswick, the Province I grew up in.

I took some pics on one of my trips home a few years back. Some of the shots have a similar theme to Badgerbadger's terrific photos.

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Date:2006-03-07 13:04
Subject:Shifter's Semi-Annual LJ awards of Excellence for Doing Nothing!
Mood: energetic

-Most Entertaining Post: Squishybear for the post about spewing her foam!

-Best Pet Picture: BooBooPenquin for the Pic of her dog staring up at the Camera!

-Best Quote: Squishybear for "I think I just had a coffee-gasm"

-Best Smile on an LJ Icon: Badgerbadger

-Best Rant: Rio's Rants about Korean Kids. Pure Entertainment!

-Best New Addiction: This was close, but Wendy Wins with this line from a recent post, "I think I might have an addiction to my shredder. I love to shred things. I shred all my junk mail every day. I wander around the house looking for paper to shred. It's a sickness." (I so absolutely see her shredding things in glee hehehehehe)

-Best Descriptive Post in fewest words: Neepster326 for his post "fuck life"

-Worst Example of Sloth: Rio for "So it took me just over 54 minutes to shave.....yes. 54."

-Best LJ Lurker: My ex-wife. Yes Much like the X-files, the truth is out there, and so are you.

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Date:2006-03-02 14:57
Subject:Again, the exaulted holy water known as Beer Shines amber goodness into our lives.....
Mood: grateful


I knew this. Cause My personal beer(air)bag saved my life when I crashed my truck 5 years ago.

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Date:2006-03-02 11:33
Subject:A Sad Day......... Take time to read this.
Mood: sad

From http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1140909028503&call_pageid=968350130169&col=969483202845

Brigadier's death a loss
Mounted police horse mortally hurt in hit and run
Constable Kevin Bradfield recuperating at home

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Terry said...
I am a horse, who's taken no oath,
I patrol the city for hay and oats.
I work long hours rain or shine,
I am a Police Horse strong and kind.
Patrolling the streets can be mean and scary.
But I'm always brave, alert and wary.
I have not chosen this life of service,
Yet I do it Proudly, without malice.
I love the public and their adoration,
Their pats and praises welcome attention.
My shift has ended, my Duty done,
I'm off to safe pastures, to play and run.
My human partners are pained and distraught,
For they loved me dearly, but worry not!
I felt your care, and Love for Me,
My patrol has ended, and I am Free!!!!!


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Date:2006-02-27 11:19
Subject:Weekend Update.
Mood: good

I went downhill skiing for the first time in 3 year Saturday. Had a pretty good time, but realized how old and out of shape I am. Cripes, 1/2 way down that little hill my legs were just burning from the workout!!! Thankfully my knee didn't complain near as much as I thought and we got some nice runs in. I went with one of the guys from our London office and his wife. They both snowboard, something I don't think I'll be trying soon heh. After wards we came back to my place and met up with friends and neighbours for super.

I BBq'd 16 Steaks (one full box of Rib-eyes from the butcher) and served them up with shrimp, Patato salad, Macaroni salad, and Fresh bread. After that there was a small pot of mussels that made the rounds. Beer and Coolers and Pop for the kids. It was a bit daunting serving up that many, because we actually ran out of forks! 13 sat around the tables in the dining room while Melissa and the 2 small kids from next door ate downstairs with a Dvd on tv.

In the end it was 2 dishwashers full of dishes, a 1/2 tub of macaroni salad, and 4 slices of leftover bread. Everything else was totalled heh. Definately nice to get the neighbours over, especially for Melissa to get to hang out with ones her age. Nice to see old friends again too.

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Date:2006-02-22 14:26
Subject:Just a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bit wrong.
Mood: indescribable


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Date:2006-02-22 13:23
Subject:Klassen Wins Gold! (And 2 silvers and a bronze)
Mood: happy

Cindy Klassen just won her FOURTH olympic medal, a Gold.

This one girl has accounted for 4 of our 18 Medals. Thats 22%.

#1 She should be proud and her country proud of her. Good luck to her when she skates in the 5000m

#2 The rest of Canada's Olympic movement should take notes. Not at what they may have done wrong, but what this girl has done right. The rest of the womens speed skating team has done very well also.

#3 I thought it was very very classy of the German Competitor and long time rival Anni Freisinger to come right over and congradulate Klassen on her gold, especially since 15 seconds earlier the Skater for the Netherlands had bumped Freisinger off the podium. Then the German Coach came over to give her a congradulatory hug. Very good example of sportsmanship and olympic spirit.

#4 Hats off to Kristina Groves for the Silver Medal, when not many, internationally, had picked her to be in contention.

*waves flag*

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Date:2006-02-22 10:08
Mood: anxious

Still negotiating for this contract..... hoping it can be finalized before Feb 28th. *nerves*

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Date:2006-02-21 14:20
Subject:Kinda cool, in a dark forboding way.........

It makes you think..... what if.....


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Date:2006-02-13 16:14
Subject:Lighter side of things.
Mood: chipper

Four guys sit down for a drink and start talking.

The first one, a Brit says.
"You know, chaps, I think the fastest thing in the world must be electricity. You flick that switch and BANG on goes the light!"

The second one, a Frenchman says,
"Ohhh non mes amie! Do you ever tink about how many times you blink your eyes and never do it interupt what you see? De fastest ting on de eart, it is a blink!"

The third guy is from the US and he says,
"Ho! No sir my friends, every single day millions of thoughts and impulses go through your brain, the fastest thing on gods green earth is a thought!"

Now the fourth guy, a Newfoundlander pipes up,
"B'y" he says, "Yer all off a bit dere. Da fastest ting on the earth, she be Diarreah."

"Diarreah???" they all said in unison.
"Yes Me'son",the newfie says," Just last night I got home and neder did I 'ave time to turn on de light, blink, or tink about it!!!"

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Date:2006-02-13 09:43
Subject:Irritated about the Media and thier useless bullshit.
Mood: cynical

Nothing like some controversy to distract.


Trying to knock Canada off its game has long been a goal of other olympic countries, and what better way that to feed rumours into the media machine. Now after putting them into a frenzy that has distractd the Men's, Women's, and about every other athlete at the game they are gonna say "Ooops! We got the time/dates wrong? Maybe he didn't know!"


What does a Canadian Curling team have to do with Wayne Gretzky's wife's (An American no less) bet on a football team??? FUCKING NOTHING! Shut up reporters and cover a real story.

In the mean time we have idiots charging kids with felony offenses for joking about something


Like wtf? Come on people its time to fucking relax. a 12 year old joked about powdered sugar being coccaine. Is possesion of a fucking bag of equal illegal? Hey I have crack in my shorts! Arrest me too! Assholes. How many kids rolled up a sheet of looseleaf in elementary school and pretended to take a drag off it. Gonna give us a felony charge? No? Damn I feel left out. I can recall kids grinding up chaulk on thier desk and cutting it into line for christ sakes. All the teacher did was make us clean blackboards for a week cause we wasted chaulk. No instead now we will tie up the court system for something ludicrous. Possession of a drug-lookalike? I guess every cigarette, pipe, white powder, pill, candy, and smartie is now at risk for sending you to prison if you joke about it or someone wants to be a tool. In the mean time child molesters get probation. Fucking idiots.

Finally, and I saved the best till last....


Now what are the odds he will get charged with anything???? Slightly less than fuckall. Why? Cause he's the vice president. I bet there was no investigation, nothing checking him for alcohol consumption, nothing checking to see if his medication for his heart leave him a risk to operate firearms. Nope. And well then again, he did shoot a lawyer. Now I suppose the whole good vs evil thing comes into play. I do find it Ironic that DICK shot HAIRY while hunting QUAIL though.

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Date:2006-02-10 07:56
Subject:Rant rant rant.........
Mood: aggravated

Rant rant rant.........

Woke up this morning feeling like absolute shit. Two and a half hours later.... you guessed it.... still feel like shit. Today is gonna suck ass.

So I played Diablo most of the evening for lack of any motivation to do anything else. This weekend, hopefully, I can accomplish SOMETHING. Anyway back to Diablo. Yeah. It was fun. A few people from my friends list popped in and joined me in game, having some in game interaction every so often is nice. I'm not as skilled as most others in that They seem to be able to play AND type a conversation at the same time. I can't. I end up with my character standing there like a dunce while I hunt for keys to say "Holy crap look at that!" Normally I end up dying while trying to talk cause 1/2 way through a sentance some critter ambushes me. So I don't talk much and most take it as my being antisocial i think. I'll end the D2 talk by saying snatch and run tactics are pretty lame. Thats my game rant.

So after D2 I had my buddy Keith show up. He's pretty steamed over work, and I don't blame him. Not one fucking bit. Nothing is worse than getting shafted and told your performance is "X" when in fact its "XXX" eerrrr.... not that he's doing Triple X shit heh. Anyway, it effects me somewhat in that, until his business plan goes into effect, I have to commute about 20 of 22 days a month down here to Vaughan, rather than up the road to a (future)Barrie office. My work location isn't the issue though. Keith has worked his fat hairy ass off and made real gains, and rather than encourage and reward, they've shot him down a couple of rungs. Its complete bullshit. Thats my work rant.

Now at home, I am becoming the King of Procrastination (Rivaling the title from Rio), and its just sad. So many 1/2 done jobs and zero motivation to get in and finish them. I feel so lazy its criminal and these jobs should have been done weeks ago. Thats my house rant.

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Date:2006-02-09 10:33
Mood: worried

I am worried about my friend Keith.

Date:2006-02-08 13:02
Mood: accomplished

OK so here is my much delayed post on Friday's Curling adventure.


We went in as a team knowing we had little chance to win, but decided to give it our best and try to make our oppenents work for a win. We accomplished that fairly well forcing our three matches all close, including a tiebreaker.
Our record was 1-3, 3-3, 3-4. My favorite thing to point out was that I skipped the second match, where we acutally shocked onlookers as our best showing was against the team that eventually won. Anyhow, I won't go into details as most people don't even understand the game hehehe.

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Date:2006-02-03 06:41
Subject:Men With Brooms.
Mood: awake

Today I go Curling.....

this CAN'T be good!!!!! HEEHEE!

Happy Bon-Speiling fellow LJ'rs!

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Date:2006-02-01 14:49
Subject:A couple of my favorite quotes from George Carlin. Attempting humour here.
Mood: indescribable

"I got in a fight with my breakfast cereal this morning. I distinctly heard 'SNAP CRACKLE FUCK-HIM!'"
*----George Carlin.

"Give me a home where the buffalo roam? Who came up with that shit? Can you imagine the smell? Not to mention how would you keep the carpets clean?!"
*----George Carlin.

"Some food sounds too damn funny to eat. I cannot keep a straight face when someone offers me KumQuatts!"
*----George Carlin.

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Date:2006-02-01 12:29
Subject:After Tiffeh's Complete Psycological Probing into my head.....
Mood: content

Tiffeh got me talking.... at least to myself and I think I know why I feel the way I do.

My Schedule is killing me slowly.

5:45am Wakeup.
6:15am Leave for Work.
7:15am As the sun starts to brighten the horizon I get to work.
Work at a desk that has no window in front of a computer all day talking on the phone to people who bitch and complain alot about stupid things because they are too stupid, lazy, or both, to find the answers themselves. I work with a great bunch, except for one guy who can only be described as a fucking dumb-shit. He grates on my nerves with his constant "I don't know how to do this" and "Can you do this?" "Why won't you answer me?" (I the course of this post I've heard him 3 times say "Can you show me this someday or what?!") I have zero use for him and he is classified in my book as a waste of oxygen. Really I am helpful and upbeat to all of my co-workers, and not to him, because Basically his irritating nature has left me simply wishing he would spontaneously combust.
4:30pm Leave for home as the sun sets in the distance.
5:33pm-ish Get home and have supper. It is completely dark out now and my dining room does not have adequate lighting. I get to now listen to Melissa squeal her high pitched voice, yell at her to listen and behave, and see Andrea get aggrevated at her behavior. Fight for an hour to get her to bed.
9:00pm Sit and relax for an hour or two. I try to mix it up between watching tv, taking to Andrea about whatever, and taking out my frustrations by killing things in Diablo-2. The heavier my stress, the more I play.
11:00pm-midnight Try to get to bed.
midnight-1:00am get to bed.

4 hours sleep and no sunlight combined with work stress and home stress along with a multitude of "little things" like bills and home repairs and schedules and helping with homework, etc etc etc. These little things are normally sliding off like rain, but when you add them to the bar of big issues...... x 5 days a week...... its breaking the camel's back.

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Date:2006-02-01 09:01
Subject:I feel like a side order of shit. Would you like fries with that?
Mood: frustrated

For two days now I have suffered from an inexplicable severe feeling of gloom, to the point where I want to crawl into bed and lock myself away from the world and everyone in it. I don't typically ever feel this badly about.... just being alive. But I seriously have no desire to do anything but just give up.

One point on general amusement is the very first journal entry i posted....
I sid at the time I'd keep my ex wife out of the journal, hahahahahaha. Didn't work out like that though. I guess even though we parted ways, I did take Dementia's advice.

On with the depressive post. Money. The source of most of my constant worries, is at it again. Fuck. All I can think of is that. Fuck it. I am not going to talk about it. Frustration.

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