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trinity of BFFs


I'm kinda hesitant to sell this dress, but I feel that it doesn't fit right on me.
Anyone interested? >.>
Bought at Closet Child, in very good condition, worn out once, tried on a few times.
Paid 18000 yen for it, letting it go for $200.

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emo jun

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I have a sales post over here! Please go have a look look see see! And then buy buy. So I will be happy happy.
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Kita brothers =)

Today we babysat both of them!

Which also means that I didn't study much today cos Ryu was quite a handful. It was fun though.

I must start studying intensively from now onwards! Exams start on Friday. Can't wait. ヾ(´д`)ノ

Oh oh and Melissa and Marianne gave me a bouquet of roses as an early birthday present. Thank you! *hearts* And my neighbour gave me rose-scented potpourri today. I think I look like a roses-person.

Btw what's the deal with Project Runway? How come there are 4 finalists? >.> No fair, I wanted to see Austin's works in Olympus fashion week too. I wonder what happened that such a decision was made.
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trinity of BFFs


Anyone interested in a Bodyline blouse? This one my sister is wearing:

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If there is interest, I'm gonna sell it so I can get another Baby blouse. I'll post measurements and real pictures real soon. And I'm also thinking of selling the pannier I bought at Haru. Never worn it out and it's too long for my outfits. =/ To think I was so excited when I first saw it, thinking that "I MUST HAVE THIS" cos I didn't own a pannier at that time.

So please comment if you're interested to buy this lovely & exquisite blouse so I can add to my Japan fund!
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