I think too much, therefore I am mad!

11 February 1982
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This LJ was named after my favorite Fred & Ginger movie.

About me: I'm an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley working on speech processing at ICSI. In terms of the time I set aside each week for them, my main hobbies are:
  1. Gaming: Primarily German-style boardgames, though I do some computer games. I have been known to read rulebooks for fun.
  2. Ballroom dancing: To quote my partner, "It's like listening to music with your whole body."
  3. Movies: Mostly the classics and musicals.
And while I don't allocate time specifically for them, I read and listen to music (mainly from the swing/big band era) while I do other things.

About this journal: This journal has evolved into a mish-mash of different posting styles:
  • Randomness: A screencapture of various flitting moods, moments, and amusements.
  • Updates: Like a traditional journal, a record of notable events and also the movies I watch. This is more to help my notoriously shoddy memory remember what I did last year/month/week than anything else.
  • Content: Posts which often float nebulously in my mind for months and take months more (due to lack of dedicated writing time) to put them down on paper. These hopefully offer some insight into my personality, philosophy, thought processes, etc.
  • Gossip: Protected.