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As life is so short and tomorrow might not come for us

I will not fall, no pain can hold, and still I have a smile

Feisty Kitten!

In no particular order, I am:a twirty-something* girl, the Feisty KittenTM, socially moderate but economically liberal, a Renn rat, an artist, a writer, (ohGodsyetanother) The Cure lover, a "perky-Goth", a (not so) hopeless romantic, a beginning Chess player, a debater, a voracious reader (who's not always satisfied with happy endings), an omnivore, Pagan, a geek, a liberal, bisexual (before it was trendy) in love and lust with one man, an avid lover of antiquing & thrifting, sarcastic, not yours.

(MORE) ABOUT ME: my name is Anne. I live on the East Coast. I'm twenty-four. I love everything Hello Kitty. I love history. I'm a wanna-be Anglophile. I usually don't listen to mainstream music--more often than not, you'll find an obscure Goth/Industrial/80's cd in my car's CD player. I love debates. I love open-minded people. I love forensics. I love holding bones & imagining the person they once made up. I love anthropology, Gloom Cookie, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Squee, & Invader Zim. most of all, I love my squishy family & friends.

*: Twirty: a girl between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-something (courtesy of shesheme.com)

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 rob can vouch for this ;)
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 yes he can :p
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foamy is love your lord and master!
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