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If you don't know...

A lot of PA is like... flooded and some bridges are cracking due to the exsessive amount of rainfall recently. And a lot of areas around me are being evacuated and such because dams around them might over flow and their houses might be destoyed.
My mom is a major part of her job, acutally, she's the most important person in her building. She works for the government at Social Security. Manager of two buildings for SS. Knowning that I can go on... My my mom kinda almost... got real hurt today at work. But don't worry! She's fine at home now (well she has to go to the SS building near my house though because there's problems and of course, they need my mom. But she should be fine there). :D
Since she's the manager of both SS buildings so she travels to both to work. One is sort of near my house and the other is down the city where people are being evacuated. The building had to evacuate too but she had to stay there till everyone else got out safely. When everyone left she looked outside and the water was up to the middle of my mom's car tires so, for some ungodly reason, she had to wait another half an hour. About 15 minutes of that 30 minutes one of her co-workers came in his car and said that if she didn't get in her car and leave now she was in trouble because the river is over flowing. So she got in her car and folowed the man out and the water was like rushing behind them (kinda like in the movies!). There was another car behind them and when my mom looked back it was under water. Soo my mom and the man rushed more and when they turned a corner they saw a like... tide of water rush behind them. My mom said she was like pale the whole time and she was so scared lmao. I don't blame her lol. I as like O.O listening to my dad tell me the story lol. My mom was like all smiles when she came home and didn't even mention it to Corey and I. Crazy lol.
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01. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
02.l respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
03. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
04. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
05. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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Self pimping x_X;

I made icons! And since hardly no people use panic_teacup's icons I must tell you people here. XD;

5 Death Note
6 Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
5 Gackt
1 Johnny Depp
2 Imadoki! by Yuu Watase
1 KAT-TUN (Jin)
2 Resident Evil 4
1 SID (Aki)


(I'm so lazy, I posted those same three teasers in like... 3 different communities. Sorry for your flist x.x;)

Check them out here!
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Happy anniversary, my love

Alexandra Sakura Matsuda, the Japanese love of my life. XD It has been one year (11 days ago XD;) that you and I have met. This past year with you I have learned so much, such as all the different sex positions I can do with my future husband. XDDD; to try to contain my love for my husband Gackt or as you say "Cockt." That some people just aren't ready for my over flowing love. XD Another important thing you taught me was that I'm a huge Japanophile... but I think I knew that anyway ^__^;;;

In all seriousness I don't think I could have ever met a better thing through the piece of shit known as the internet. You support me in almost everything I do and I couldn't live without you. I know one day I'll get my ass out there and I'll finally be able to meet you, my idol, in person. But until then I hope that the phone and the internet are enough.

Saki daki + Caity cakes = Friends forever and ever (until you kill me of my annoying habits)
(alejandra + sephi_roth_)
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Please break my memory into pieces

I don't know why but like... recently I've been taking a lot of things to heart. I don't know why, but I am. I don't think I'm getting my period so I don't understand why I'm emo.
Ugh I planned on writing so much in this entry because this was going to be the stress-relieving entry. Maybe if I think of something else I'll come back. Jesus...
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Rest in Peace

This day seven years ago Malice Mizer lost a very important part of their group, the drummer, Kami. Though you are not with us anymore you are still loved by all.
May you rest in peace, Kami-sama.


The short time I've been interested in Malice Mizer (about... 6 months I'd say) I've grown fond of Kami. I respect him as one of the most fantastic drummers my ears have got the pleasure to listen too and a man. He was always smiling and laughing, nothing could stop him, not even death.


"It's painful, but we will remember,
we will remember our butterfly forever."

Kamimura Ukyou
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I went with Steffy to the mall because she just got back from North Carolina and I missed her!! <3 I got volume 2 of Imadoki! Nowadays and I can't waaait to read it! I'm going to after I write this and watch Rosanne because I love that show. XD Oh Steffy and I saw this hot guy walk into Bon-Ton and I was like O.O! *Grabs all our stuff and chases after him drooling* Oh we were making it so obvious though! Steffy giggled and he turned around and I was like <..>! Ohh thank goodness there's still hotties in PA. u.u;

Man, I am SO bored right now. Like... I cleaned my room, hung my clothes, organized my video games and movies, even thought about cleaning my closet... but I won't go that far.
I think I'm staying over Steff's tomorrow so at least I won't be bored tomorrow. We always talk about the girly things. You know, boys... boys.. manga.. and boys! Woo the teenage years!
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Once again...

I beat Resident Evil 4. I can't help it! It's such a good game and Leon is so awesome! I just got The Chicago Typewriter, an unlimited bullet gun. If you have the PS2 version of the game when you go to reload after getting the Special 2 costume Leon either fixes his hat or he throws it into the hair, dramaticly catches it and points the CT to the sky! XD What a pimp. The Special 2 Costume is Leon wearing a black suit with black and white shoes with a white scarf, and of course, the hat. If you go here and click the Costumes download you can see someone (who sucks because they got hit XP) using the CT in action wearing the Special 2 costume. Like any of you care about RE4 anyway? XD
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Life's going good

Well yesterday morning sucked so hard. I woke up around 6 a.m when I went to bed at 3 a.m and I had the worst feeling in my tummy. I'll save the details for your sake and just say I threw up like two times. I took a well needed nap and woke up okay. I went to the mall with Lovely and when we went in Hot Topic there was a boy holding a Gothic Lolita Bible with him and we were like O.O! So I walked up and asked him where he got it and he just said, "the internet" and I was like ;.;! Oh well lol. I noticed that he was looking for Cure too. It's mine. ~.~!! But they didn't have it this time, again. I hope they still get it! Everytime they had it someone bought it! ><
We went to Walden and I got a new manga that I wanted to buy for a long time called "Imadoki! Nowadays." It's by the same author as Alice 19th and Absolute Boyfriend so I had to get it. And I love it, I read it before I went to bed last night. I want to get the next couple volumes. Oh! That reminds me! I got an Absolute Boyfriend poster in the new issue of Shojo Beat. It's a cute poster! I like the colors lol. I also found a Gackt article in an anime mag.! It was about "Fuurinkazan," the new JDrama he's going to be in. It's supposef to be coming out in 2007. Exciting!! I almost started to cry when I saw it! Weeee!

When I woke up... around 10ish I kina just layed there in my bed. Usually I get up and like walk around the house or something but I just layed. Then I thought, thank Jesus I don't have school anymore. XD After that I got up and started a new file in Resident Evil 4 with all my weapons that I had from my last game. I'm about... half way through the game now. XD What can I say? I pwn! I have Leon S. Kennedy pwning skillz!


Oh the Death Note movie came out today! O.O!! I need to download it! ...Maybe I should give it a day to look for a torrent. If anyone finds one though, plz comment with the link. Thank yoou!
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Sexyroth is a skank!

So I was bored tonight and took out Kingdom Hearts II again just for the heck of it. Then I realized "omg I haven't beat Sephi yet! o.o;" So yeah I tried like.. 6 times and I can't beat him! >< The best I did was get him down to only 4 bars left. What a poop! ...I still love you Sephi! ;~;! But you're still hard! >< You sexy skank, you!
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