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Ohhh goodness. Well folks it's been a long journey on sephi_roth_ and it's finally come to it's end. I'm moving~!

I made that name when I was in-love with Sephiroth, I still am o.o;, just not as much. XD I've grown up... well... not really. I guess I'm still a whiny biatch sometimes. XD BUT! I'd like to think I've grown up, even just a little.
I'm going to be a Junior in highschool and when I made sephi_roth_ I told myself I'd change it when I was a freshman, so I'm kinda proud to have this name as long as I did. XD But yes I'm moving. So sad. ;.;
I've made a lot of friends on this name. One person specially that I know I'll never forget. It makes me sad to make a new name actually. But it's still loads of fun! :D XD;
My new LJ is going to be friends only so if I like you I'm gonna add you on it. ^^ This is such a big thing for me. XD It's just like moving into a different house because I post my most personal feelings on my LJ.
For the people I add, I'll add you and comment you with the name so you can add me as well, I hope. x.x;
Also! I'll remove you all from my flist so it won't be stuck on your flist. :P

It's been nice sephi_roth... but sadly all good things must come to an end. ^^ Farewell~

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