I thought I smelled gin and regret.

Bohemian Like You
5 April
Stories of passion, stories of friendship, and tales of how romance survives. Stories of yeses, of frogs making messes, and poor, unsuccessful and fat peoples lives. Stories of living, stories of dying, and ways we can deal with our fear. Stories of horses, parental divorces, and how rich or poor, it's a very small sphere, where we appear. Stories of illness, songs of improving, and everyone talks about change. Stories of stillness, of people not moving, and throwing out books when things turn out too strange- we rearrange.

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" Once you've seen the absolute worst in everybody you've ever met, you sort of give up hope. Any good that you might see - well, you know better. You know what lurks beneath the surface, what's right around the corner. You've seen the truth in everybody. Everybody. So you accept that everyone is inherently capable of hurting you. They're only out for themsevles. You will end up hurt. You can't judge people in the same way that you once did - 'this person is good'; 'this person is bad'...
You embrace everyone, equally- But now there is a protective barrier." -DISCO BLOODBATH by James St. James
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