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so, i have recently been informed of my lack of updatage.
and since im bored and have nothing to do thought id change that
so its finally summer.
im moving out in 4 days, into kensington with my brother. finally freedom.
im in the process of packing and my room is pretty much all packed up.
my room is sad:(
i have no TV in here anymore, meaning im going to have to leave my room...what a thought.
ill just watch some stuff on my computer.
mind you the only dvd i have out is helter skelter, and i already watched it (yes, return in stat.)
anywho, my birthday was on thursday, and it feels as if this past year went by so fast
everything changed this year...everything.
i am suppose to promote this show so here..

its almost been 6 months with Victor
i think thats my longest...consecutive...relationship.
except, we've been fighting alot lately.
arg, i hate my room right now, it feels like a cage.
i took down the posters so the walls are white and everything is white and theres like no furnatiute and it just doesnt feel like "my" room anymore, im going to miss it.
oh well, im off to bigger and better things.
anywho, thats all of my nostalgia
love yall!