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Scout's den

My little place of amusement...

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Cool! You found my little den in the myriades of blogs here at LJ. So, now when you're here, don't be a stranger... :)

This blog will be filled with everyday happenings, thoughts, ramblings, complaints, happy stuff and more or less silly things. There will probably be quite a lot of anime related posts here... let's say I've developed into a true anime/manga-junkie ;)
I'll also feature favorite pictures and stuff whenever I can. RL's pretty scheduled sometimes though, so it might be a bit sporadic from time to time.

Other things I like to do is travelling (Japan, USA, Korea, China...), see different places, try different food, meet different cultures and so on...
Humans interests me, thus my choice of work I guess...
If you didn't fall asleep already, more of my interest's featured below. Maybe I have a "fellow match" on something here? :)

See ya...