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Malachi is 4 months old now. Elijah is talking so much! still babbling a little too. but so excited hearing him say new things. Abe is comming out of his shell. he is interacting more and more with Malachi and even me. he is definatly not a patient boy. he gets frusterated with things that dont go his way. i cant get over how blessed i am each day. God has graciously given me the 4 best guys in the world. and can i just say how much i love my church family! love them!
so jan 29 i find out what we are having!!!! im so excited!!! and for the first time my morning sickness is like nothing!!! i have only had a couple days where i have had really bad morning sickness. anyway...Thanksgiving was great! we had it here. Matt cooked everything. food was awesome! Matts parents and sisters came. we all has such a wonderful time. last sat. we put up the tree, my nephews basically put on all the decorations. they had so much fun. well just wanted to make a little update. hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
ok so its been 10 weeks now. i guess i really dont write anymore..i should but i dont. well Abraham will be 6 months in nov. He is doing his firsts...hes rolling over, kinda scooting around. he trys to stand on your legs, but his back isnt very strong yet, but hes working on it hes trying to do sit-ups now. Elijah is such a big boy, he is doing big boy things. It so wonderful to just watfch him. He is a character. We have moved from the apt in Dublin and we are now living in our house in canal. i love it! God has blessed us so much these past couple years! God is good! Well He has blessed us again. i believe im pregnant again. im like 99% sure. but i have my obgyn appts. the first week of nov. im so excited!

in other news my sister colleen, has left her family. Timmy and all 4 kids are living at my grams. Colleen left and moved in with 2 guys in a one br. apt. then they couldnt afford the water or electric. so the lasat i heard she was living in a hotel room, the hotel by the Fort Rapids place(shes not lving at forst rapids but there is another hotel next to it.) I have no proof exactly but i beieve she is way in over her head with drugs. and not just her rx drugs either, so who knows what she is doing, or who she is doing or how she is doing it. it upsets me that she is doing this, but she is lost in her sin and thats all she cares about is her drugs and herself. Jordan i think is taking is the worst..he has started lying pretty bad(just like his mother). He is lying about every little thing. things that dont even matter. Austen basically stays in his room at grams and rarly comes down. teh twins well they are 3..so they know mom is gone..but i really dont think they were close to her to begin with. my dad, is involved with a known heroin, possibly(heard from timmy)a prostitute named Becky that is my age. actually i think she is a year younger. and i have a sneaking suspision that she is living at grams also. So i have basically stoped going over there. Jordan and Austen have been comming to my house(until last week when Timym told Jordan he wasnt going over here because he got all "F"s and hes been lying about it and his school work all year) since we've moved in. I have always loved going over to my grams and spending time with my family. but we have become separated. no one goes over to my grams because of my dad and colleen. and i dont want my boys around those drugs and that terrible atmosphere. My other grams she is moving to chilachothy(sp?) by my her nephew Bob and its about 20 mins away from my oldest sister Peggy. so with losing my family God has given me another through my chruch. I love my church family, i think i am closer with them than i have ever been with my own family.

well, i need to make a few calls. so maybe i will update again soon. maybe not. we'll see :)
i have not written on here in well its says 18 weeks. Abraham is almost 3 months old now. I still havnt got him figured out. Half the time i dont know what is wrong when he crys, i just try eerything i know and pray that something works. Elijah is a handful. He is growing up so fast. This week im noticing that this must be the time where you have to start putting your foot down. now he definatly knows what he is alowed to do and not alowed to do. I love being a mommy, it definatly is a full time job, 24/7, never stops. I have realized that I need to keep praying and rely on God for help. If being a mommy has done anything for me it has showed me God is definatly in control of your life. It always keeps you in check and you become more humble than you ever have been before. All those little things in life ago away, they dont matter anymore.

Apr. 8th, 2009

ok ashley its your turn to have fun lol.

we are thinking Isaiah but we dont have a middle name....we basicly settled on Isaiah cause we couldnt find another name we liked and both agreed on. anyway....so how bout a little of middle names that go with Isaiah??

Apr. 4th, 2009

38 days til my "due date" now whether this boy come early or late i dont know...i would like him to coem early..but on the other hand i loved that Elijah came late and they scheduled me. that was really nice. i didnt have to worry about oh no when is my water going to break? if all this happenes and its in the middle of traffic and we have to drive all the way to mt carmel east, or if matt is at work and i cant get a hold of him ect... cause during the day its just me and Elijah and i cant drive cause i cant fit behind the wheel. i can but i cant reach the peddels, thats the problem you have when you arent even 5 ft. and you have this humungo belly lol. anyway...i guess we will find out in a month...

i dunno i think i am so ready for this baby to come out, i cant do anything anymore, the dr told me not to pick up Elijah(yea right) because of all the pain i was having and i was noticing "contractions". i can barely bend over to pick stuff up, its insane...i have been really emotional about this stuff. everything just sets me off. i either get upset or i cry, mostly i cry. and i have no energy anymore. i am always tired. but i guess thats what you go through when you are having a kid(and chasing a 1 year old).

well i need a nap and something to eat..lol so i guess i will stop ranting for now.

long time....

ok so it says that its been 25 weeks since ive written. thats a long time lol. and the other day ashley said that i never get on lj anymore, so i figured hey why not update a little bit.

so since June! wow that was a long time ago...lol Elijah is 10 months old now. He is a wonderful baby. We are so blessed to have him. We are in Dublin now(which i think i was in Dublin when i wrote last, but still.) We are looking for other places to live, nothing is set in stone, cause we just started talking about it like this week.

I am pregnant again, i am due in may(again). May 12 to be exact. It is a boy. We do not have a name yet. it so hard to come up with names when there are alot of boys in your family. This pregnancy has been going well. i have been having ALOT of back pain though, so i have been told not to do anything, and "try" not to lift Elijah. well, thats impossible not to lift him since hes still a baby, but i have limited myself, because when i do life him, my back goes crazy and i almost drop him, so yea.

My grams is doing very well. She is still in a wheel chair but she is still doing therapy, and can walk with her walker across the living room, and down the hallway. so her strength is coming back which is awesome.

We have been taking Jordan(my nephew) to church with us. He is enjoying it and learning alot about God. He even made a profession of faith a couple weeks ago. We were in the car and he asked matt how people get saved. so matt went through it(again, cause we have been telling him the gospel for 2 years. so it was nothing really new to him.) And Jordan prayed and repented in the car on the way home from church. We were taking his brother Austin, but he kinda got out of it and didnt want to go anymore(he wants to stay home and play video games and watch movies instead). except for Weds. when we have AWANA.

well i think im going to get some ice cream, that sounds really yummy. so i will try to update soon. :)
ok well it has been a really long time. i had my baby boy. he was 6 lbs 3 ounces. he is such a blessing. things have been going great. hes growing so much. i have picture at my myspace. we had VBS last week. we got to take Jordan and Austen, they loved it. im glad we got the oppertunity to take them.

grams is getting better she is in a rehab place. shes getting stronger each day. shes just depressed cause shes been in the hospital since like april and now shes in this rehab place.

on mon. i had another attack. so i went to the hospital mon and on weds. i had an emergency gallbladder surgery done. so now i have to recover from that. and let me tell you. it is not a walk in the park. i dont know about anyone else, but i was(still am) in so much pain the same day. how is this an out patient surgery? it hurts like crap! i could barely walk! so i stayed overnight cause there was no way i couldve gone home. maybe im a wimp or maybe i wasnt fully recovered from having Elijah. but i am so happy to be done with this gallbladder thing. matt has been so awesome thriugh all of this. hes taken care of Elijah all week by humself and has also making sure im ok. what a wonderful guy i have.
just an update. well my grams is getting worse. she is getting pneumonia and is non responsive. she is "sleeping" but not in acoma. and she is still on a ventilator of course.
so the pst 2 weeks have be really really long. my grams has been in the hospital. shes been on then off then on again the ventilator. she just cant seem to breathe well by herself. she took it out herself last time so this time they straped her arms down this time. todat the dr. said shes looking better but still not out of the woods. they're is some kind of virus that is attacking her heart and lungs. so they are trying t keep her as comfortable as possible, but its not so easy. its a day to day thing. last night she has a 102 fever from the virus and today it went away and shes a little better. very stressful for me to see her in this situation and so miserable.

i went to my dr.s today and she said she could def. see me having the baby before may. so its really close!!

and the other day i went to teh shelters webpage and my mickey has finally been adopted!! :) yay!