Call me a safe bet

I'm betting I'm not.

Mellie <33
27 November






Pretty, Pretty. The Early Novemeber<3

Early in the morning, wake up to a bright blue sky
lightning comes at any time to break it down and make it ugly
i know that it's just for me
'cause no one else can feel or understand
that's alright because i can handle all that you throw down

&i hope you find a perfect place
where sky's are beautiful all of the time
it's all that matters, pretty, pretty,
&i know that's all you could care about
there's no reason why you can't

it's all about the icing, and nobody cares about what's inside
you could see the outside face, it looks good, it must be great
and i know that's all you see
what would it matter anyway
'cause i can see right through your pretty, pretty skin today

&i hope you find a perfect place
where sky'
s are beautiful all of the time
it's all that matters, pretty, pretty,
&i know that's all you could care about
there's no reason why you can't

&no reason why i should try to go on anymore
my reason's all gone, no reason why you should
try to make excuses to make me feel alright
excuses call for stupid reasons
&i know that it's not much that i can offer right now
just give me one little second &i will try my hardest
to make you feel like i'm someone else.
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