The impending little stranger

19 November 1974

Support love.

saura_'s journal is an open journal. And in a valiant desire to keep it that way, feel free to friend and comment (that's it, if you have an account because they are free) because comments won't be filtered or deleted unless they insult me or my friends, unless they pretend only to hurt and flame.

If you're not interested in reading my nuts, feel free to un-friend at anytime, too. But if you're here, then assume you can find just about every single silly thing that might happen in my life. Even the sexual one!

What you see is who I am. I am crazy like this. I write about love. Adult, consenting love always. And most of the time the love I write about is man to man. If this is not your cup of tea, please kindly leave this journal.

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