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he wishes his girlfriend drank baileys on ice.

hi guys. so we actually came back a week ago, but i've been ridiculously busy with going through the communities (SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK I'M STILL NOT DONE) and that's why i haven't been commenting on anything or done anything else either.

but mostly i've been fanbratting over sherlock. it's truly ridiculous, not even kidding. i don't even know how it's so awesome. except i do, 'cause it's sherlock holmes and steven moffat and mark gatiss HOW CAN THAT NOT BE THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. but christ, three episodes are nearly not enough. crushing on benedict cumberbatch so hard right now, not to mention dentarthurdent martin freeman. and oasljfls rupert graves. i love that man. those men. all of them. equally. fortunately, i'll be rewatching all of it on friday or saturday, because i already miss it like mad and not to spoil people who've yet to see it, BUT WHAT A GODDAMN FUCKING CLIFFHANGER OH MY GOD DO WANT MORE.

christ. i'm obsessed. which means i need fic. (but not now, because so much else to go through still.)

and i absolutely can't get the it crowd out of my brain. and chuck continues to be extremely awesomesauce. matt bomer! and speaking of matt bomer, i've yet to see the season two episodes of white collar, but daaaaaaamn. do want. matt bomer!

it was pretty fun on our family trip, though. ♥ but really, really exhausting. i'm still just ridiculously tired all the time. SLEEP, I NEEDS IT. but most of all, i need inception LIKE I NEED AIR NO LIE. i can't believe i still haven't seen it. next week, though. maybe. HOPEFULLY. OR I WILL BE SADFACE.

anyway. i've let you all know that i'm still alive and kicking, though still pretty absent, but i'll get there. TOMORROW, PERHAPS. NOT TOO MUCH LEFT, NOW. ta-ta, lovelies. ♥
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and I couldn't spill my heart.

→ so i actually saw sherlock holmes like two weeks ago and then again last week and nnnnnnnnnnnnnnargh asd;alkjfsl;alkfjdlsjfklsjfls i doubt i can ever fully describe how much i freaking love it, ngh ngh. i mean. yeah. sometimes the plot wasn't all that ~spectacular~ and some of the characters were sort of predictable (though i was surprised by how much i actually adored mary! i didn't expect to, but she was lovely, very kickass) but nevermind that, because i just genuinely loved watching it. it was SO MUCH FUN. aslkjfldsf,ms,lfkjslkfjdsljfl what what what and alsoooooo the sequeeeeeeeeel i so want papa winchester jdm to be holmes's brother i mean COME ON WOULD IT NOT BE THE MOST PERFECT THING EVER? and otp otp otp MY GOD. i'm surprised if anyone doesn't come out of the theatre thinking holmes and watson are the most married couple ever in the history of married couples, no lie.

besiiiiides, the end credits inspired me to draw, ohgoshhhhhh. i haven't drawn in a ridiculously long time and i've missed missed missed it terribly.


→ i'm feeling all sorts of in-between things these days. i should get a job, because i'm poor poor poor, and i've even sent out a few applications but i doubt i'll actually get any of the jobs. (not too sure i want any of them, because they look like they're the shitty sort. there was one where i'd get over two thousand euros a month, which, fuck yeah, but it's the sort of job i might not be qualified for, so.) and i should start figuring out what i'd like to study, but i just don't know. last year i was so sure about the english, but now, well. what can i possibly do with that? i don't want to be a teacher, and i really don't want to have anything to do with tourism, either, and i don't know what kind of other careers there'd be available, so. ahhhhhhhh WHY SO DIFFICULT, LIFE?

→ my friends are sort of frustrating me. they keep inviting me to go out drinking with them, and i really, really couldn't care less. it's alright every now and then, but seriously, the whole spend all your cash on alcohol thing isn't really for me. i don't even know when it started, but this time last year we could easily have fun doing other stuff, just doing something during the day or hanging out at someone's house/whatever, but these days it's always in the evening, at night (and it's always so freaking hard for me to get home when it's that late) and they're all about just drinking drinking pubs drinking. i'm getting kind of tired of coming up with excuses not to go out with them - i don't want to outright tell them that i'm not in the mood, or that i'm not interested, because i know it'd hurt them what with us not seeing each other all that often and what with my continuous refusals/excuses, but god, still. why why why why why.

i hate complaining about it, but they're just ... not who they used to be. D:

ANYWAY MOVING ON because it always makes me strangely uncomfortable whining about the important things.

→ WHITE COLLAR. oh man oh man. i've only seen the pilot, but i'm about to watch the second episode (and probably the third after i've watched bridget jones, which'll be on in forty minutes, and obviously i have to watch it because COLIN FIRTH!) and it's just asd;alkfjdsl;lkfjdslkjfsljdsl brilliant. strangely enough, what i MOST loved about it was neil's hat. I WANT ONE. WHERE CAN I GET ONE?

now, more white collar and then some delicious colin firth. ♥ :D