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she pours a daydream in a cup

and it's hard to dance with the devil on your back.

oh man my literature tutorial course. i love it, but this homework can go die in a fire.

also why is there not a supernatural fanvid for florence + the machine's shake it out? because that is the most perfect song for spn ever invented. (this has obvs nothing to do with me wanting some more castiel on my screen. never.)

... but do you see how well i'm not procrastinating? youtube clearly gives me so much info on the american dream, it's uncanny.
misha collins > the universe

supernatural 7.01; meet the new boss

i totes thought i wasn't going to post anything about supernatural, and i probably won't in the future, either (unless they're very cas-heavy episodes) but this time i had to because CASTIEL IS MY BB. ♥

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anyway, still haven't had time to watch H50, nikita, fringe, doctor who ... anything, really. fml. must do homework so i can watch my shows.
for all your kingdoms

updating, I has it.

once again i've managed not to post anything in like a month. go me? anyway, been ridiculously busy with university and stuff, and when i say ridiculously busy, i mean so busy i've not even had the time to watch my shows. FFS I'VE NOT EVEN SEEN LAST WEEK'S DOCTOR WHO YET, WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY.

and i really don't have time right now, either, because i've got a shitload of homework to do and it's pretty much all supposed to be finished by monday, but honestly, right now, i could not care less. been sick and fever-ish since wednesday, so i've not really had the energy to do anything yet. (let alone phonetics - it's official, i hate phonetics. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER ANY OF THIS, OASLJF;ALKFJLD.)

also, because i can't not: THE SUPERNATURAL 7.01 PREVIEW. WHAT THE SODDING FUCK. /rage

anyway, just wanted to let you guys know i'm still alive and kicking. i'll now go back to decidedly not doing homework, and just being in half a coma on the sofa or something.