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kisses from kitties

could we stay right here; until the end of time, until the earth stops turning?

I DID IT, IT IS NOW OVER. mostly. maybe. BUT STILL, ZOMG. i finished my matriculation exam in philosophy about ... one and a half hour ago. i am so relieved. it didn't really go so well (i think) and i might have misunderstood half the questions but you know what? i don't care, because it is now over and i'm exhausted and my lower back and neck are so sore it hurts to sit and my fingers are a mess and i couldn't even open a darn bottle an hour ago. but y'know. :D

so yeah, still the exams in spring, but they begin in what, february? lafj;fldj i'm so relieeeeved, and now i've five days off, phew.

... only in, like, half an hour i need to leave again with my sister. the third lesson in japanese, omg! i don't know the hiragana we were supposed to learn, shiiiiit.


eta: also, another school massacre here in finland. yesterday, but. what the fuck. i mean. oh god. two within a year. two. how is this possible? i'm just. i don't even know what to say.