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kisses from kitties

michael sat on my knees, and whispered to me all about the meanies.

changed my layout! ♥ :D

and this, because perhaps, with some luck, it'll help me get rid of this sucky writer's block i've had for some time now:

Post one-to-two sentences of every unfinished piece of writing you have, fic or non; maybe it will motivate you to finish.

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yeah, not so much the "every unfinished piece", it's just the most recent ones. and now, sleepy tiems. about time, too, considering the fact that i've almost fallen asleep three times this last hour or so. ta-ta! ♥
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kisses from kitties

she said, "i don't believe in god."


.day four

i. dinosaur castiel. no, i'm not even kidding. it is that good.

ii. the first chinese lesson! admittedly, i was feeling really lazy about it (that's what you get when the course takes place seven p.m.) but fortunately, it was really nice, our teacher seems absolutely lovely and the other ones there seem reasonably nice, as well.

iii. more kirk and crusoe! also, the crack that is kirk is just fabulous. how he manages to tear his shirt apart/take it off/conveniently rip it right where his nipples are/otherwise be in some kind of naked state, i have no idea. he must have very many spare shirts lying around.

iv. new promo pictures for supernatural 5.03! ASD;ALJDL;ALJFD THE OTP IT IS MAGNIFICENT. Collapse )
kisses from kitties

fairies away, fetch me that flower.


.day two

i was lazy yesterday and didn't do this, but pretty much crusoe and various fic made it for me. also, tea. obviously. my love for chamomile tea has reached epic proportions, and i'm quite happy about it.

.day three

i. for once i woke up somewhere around nine am. it was a pleasant surprise, because i never wake up before ten if i don't have to be anywhere. admittedly, i only got six, seven hours of sleep, but that's quite alright. nowadays i like starting my days early, for some reason. (maybe because if i do, i'll be tired enough to fall asleep easily at night. like now!)

ii. finally caught up with tsubasa. well. up to chapter 158, at least. i only have, what, 70+ more to go? also, i do miss holic (and writing fic to it!), so i was extra happy to see watanuki in one of the chapters. ♥

iii. more crusoe! eee, giant killer crocodiles! maneaters! also, the kirk.

iv. OFFICIAL MERLIN SEASON TWO TRAILER ASD;ALFJDL;ALFJDL;ALFKJDL OH MY GOD. I MAY DIE FROM GLEE. seriously, just. ahhh. (although that one certain pairing does most decidedly not make me happy, but. still.) MERLIN! \o/

also. SUPERNATURAL IN THREE DAYS! or four for me, but whatever. SO EXCITED.

and the music from were the world mine makes me so happy, ohgosh. ♥
kisses from kitties

by golly, jim, i'm beginning to think i can cure a rainy day!

yoinked from half the flist!

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!


1. torchwood & doctor who because they're obvs the same shut up
2. merlin
3. supernatural
4. stargate atlantis
5. star trek: the original series

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and that's that. except i'd really planned to rewatch the whole of supernatural before the fifth season starts, but it's not quite going as well as i'd hoped. i just saw 1.14, nightmare, and i'm thinking i'm maybe running a little short on time. um. yeah. 8D also, so behind on my flist. ;_; I'LL CATCH UP, I SWEAR.

i blame the sudden but inevitable onslaught of arthurmerlin cravings i've had these past few days. also, now, SLEEP. and it's not even midnight yet! A MIRACLE! ta-ta! ♥