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i am the who when you call, "who's there?"


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(more about the real life problems: turns out one of my friends is good about the hanging out, she'd be glad to do stuff during the early evening/day, whatever, but another one's dead set on doing stuff later, and that only because that way, it'd be easier for her to go to the bar. FML.)


not dream so much as just ... disjointed thoughts right before fully waking up. but i started to think about merlin and arthur, and seeing their roles reversed, and i thought, well, merlin would make a rather clumsy prince, and arthur would make a rather sucky servant. and because arthur would make a bad servant, i started thinking about shadow magic and mamoru and kouje, and then i thought, well, arthur as merlin's bodyguard. and NOW I SERIOUSLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN LIKE MAD.

and speaking of shadow magic, i quite love caius greylace. his insanity's the kind i adore in characters. ♥ DO WANT FIC.
kisses from kitties

michael sat on my knees, and whispered to me all about the meanies.

changed my layout! ♥ :D

and this, because perhaps, with some luck, it'll help me get rid of this sucky writer's block i've had for some time now:

Post one-to-two sentences of every unfinished piece of writing you have, fic or non; maybe it will motivate you to finish.

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yeah, not so much the "every unfinished piece", it's just the most recent ones. and now, sleepy tiems. about time, too, considering the fact that i've almost fallen asleep three times this last hour or so. ta-ta! ♥
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you're lovely., because you're wrecked

till armageddon, no shalam, no shalom.


yoinked from kitsu84

01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

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also, tagged by blualbino!


1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for eight days without fail.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

i. saw the three first episodes of crusoe, and good god, i love it so much it's insane. i mean, seriously, just, nngh. and the amount of otp in it's just absolutely ridiculous, i love it. and then i rewatched the first episode, because out of all the days my sister and i could've chosen to watch the eps, it was today when they started showing it on nelonen (and we didn't even know it - i randomly noticed my dad watching the telly, and went all, that looks famili-- ASD;A;ALJFDL). glee!

ii. top gear started again!

iii. today's bones ep made me especially happy, because there was lots and lots of sweets. sweets dressed as a redshirt from star trek! MANATEE-SOUNDS OF UTTER JOY.

iv. apple pie! ♥ (also, rewatched supernatural 2.11 & 2.12. obviously this is the same thing as apple pie, because dean equals pie equals sammy equals impala. yes.)

also, tagtagtagging, if you want to do this: rommipullo, hikuttaja, aopt, popkin16, summersiren, nebulia, onlyechoes & jessicamee. ♥ :D
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by golly, jim, i'm beginning to think i can cure a rainy day!

yoinked from half the flist!

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!


1. torchwood & doctor who because they're obvs the same shut up
2. merlin
3. supernatural
4. stargate atlantis
5. star trek: the original series

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and that's that. except i'd really planned to rewatch the whole of supernatural before the fifth season starts, but it's not quite going as well as i'd hoped. i just saw 1.14, nightmare, and i'm thinking i'm maybe running a little short on time. um. yeah. 8D also, so behind on my flist. ;_; I'LL CATCH UP, I SWEAR.

i blame the sudden but inevitable onslaught of arthurmerlin cravings i've had these past few days. also, now, SLEEP. and it's not even midnight yet! A MIRACLE! ta-ta! ♥
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the return of the insane, or: sga ficlet.


i'm sort of back. i say sort of, because i've had a new hard drive since monday, but i've been busy getting everything working again, deleting everything that's been damaged, and going through all the stuff that's worth keeping (which, unfortunately, hasn't been half as much as i'd've liked) so i haven't had the chance to respond to comments yet. and i've been going through the comms, too, asd;fldj. jesus, but people at deancastiel have been busy. THERE'S LIKE OVER A HUNDRED PAGES OH MAN OH MAN.

every wordpad file i had is now utterly destroyed, which, well, sucks. it's not a big deal about all the random fics i'd started (most of them like, a line or two long) and i don't care about the various school stuff i'd had there, but i'm really frustrated about the few fics that i'd almost finished. sga, spn, 104, just, what the fuck. my epic 104 fic of angst and doom is gone, and i'd been working on it for over a year and it was MY BABY. AND IT'S GONE. DDD: (popkin16, that includes the rodneyjohn rec list i promised you, so i'm sorry, but it'll take even longer now. /w-wibble)

fortunately, most of the icons i'd saved seem to be alright, at least, so that's something. :D

a-and i just spent half an hour writing a small rodneyjohn ficlet, oh my god, it was so random. i read something about a fest including rodney, john, a bed, sandwiches, and making out, and i was ... inspired. um. i'm still really insecure about my rodney, i have no idea.

sga. rodneyjohn.
sunrise in the morning, stay awhile, you know that i'll be thinking of you now and everyday ; frank sinatra.

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kisses from kitties

he's got a grave mental disease.


.day two

• supernatural!
• re-runs of alias! sark! will! VAUGHN, EEP.
• mum went to the store and randomly brought back loads of chocolate.
• our cats are total idiots (no, really, they are) and i love them.

.day three

• finishing team member social links in persona 4.
• rewatching merlin episodes 1.03 & 1.04. god, do i love the poisoned chalice. (i love how merlin keeps moaning about "faster, arthur. go faster!" when he LIES IN A GODDAMN COMA.)
• while watching said episodes, i just suddenly paused and started writing merlin fic, instead. it was very odd, and brilliant, too, to be actually writing something.
• today's bones was brilliant, what with loads of sweets and even loads of zack!
• surprisingly enough, i woke up at nine (i usually wake up at, i dunno, noon) and it was nice, being able to have a normal day.

also, supernatural seems to be everywhere these days. in persona, i now have personas who're called uriel and lilith (and she, of course, is of the devil arcana). uriel's a bit useless, but i keep him anyway, because uriel. i sort of crack up everytime i see him, though. and, apparently, in arthurian legend there's something called the winchester manuscript, and yes, they mean the city, but still.

also, wikipedia, the source of unimaginably true truths, made me sort of choke.

In the 1989 Doctor Who serial Battlefield it is implied that Merlin is a future incarnation of The Doctor.

In 2006 and 2007, the Vancouver-produced television series Stargate SG1 used Merlin and Arthurian legend as major plot points in both Season 9 and 10. Specifically, Merlin is portrayed as an Ancient whose superior knowledge of the universe is the source of many components of the legends.

because what. ffffff what. i mean. WHAT? i think i might have to watch said seasons because this is too cracky to be true. d-does this mean that john sheppard is merlin's great-great-great-whatever-grandson? I BET HE IS. THE EARS TELL ALL.
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quick, to the sparklemobile!


um. right. and not behind a cut, because the spoilers are practically non-existent. and if any of you are hardcore fans, um. sorry? :D but facts:

1) luckily, i didn't have to pay anything because my friend had two free tickets, and i wouldn't have paid to see it, anyway, i would not, hahahahalkfjdlskjflkdsjflsd.
2) it left me with this sense of hysterical desperation that i can't shake off. ever. i don't know whether to laugh or cry, omgwhat.
3) i spent half the movie hiding my face in my hands, and the other half laughing harder than i probably ever have while watching a movie, because IT IS CRACK. SO MUCH CRACK. NOT NECESSARILY THE GOOD KIND, BUT STILL. WHAT. IT'S ALL CREEPY STARING AND I WATCH YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP BECAUSE IT FASCINATES ME ohmygod castieldean NOT ON AND MY HUNGER FOR YOU GROWS EVEN THOUGH WHEN I SMELLED YOU IT LOOKED MORE LIKE I CREAMED MY PANTS.
4) sparkly vampires. i mean. sparkly vampires. i'd been expecting the sparkliness, because i'd heard about it, but. oh my god. oh my god, you people. "THIS IS WHY PEOPLE CAN'T SEE US IN SUNLIGHT. IT SHOWS OUR TRUE SELVES! ~*~*~sparkles~*~*~" ... and what. what. it was like. i cannot even begin to describe how ridiculous it all was. oh my god, i'm just in shock, i'm traumatised, what little brain i had left is now probably gone, my soul is gone. oh my god.

conclusion: it was the single most ridiculous thing i have ever seen in my eighteen years, and. and idek. alkfjkdljflsdjflkdsjl i'm just. I FEEL SO SULLIED. xDDDDDDD; but y'know. if you ever feel the need to laugh at something, this is perfect for such a cause. because. i mean. yeah. yeah. but beware, because it'll probably HAUNT YOU FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

other news: I GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENSE TODAY \o/ ... people in finland, watch out.

and hopefully i'll get persona 4 tomorrow (finally!) and hopefully we'll be able to go see watchmen this weekend, because i think i need some quality movies right about now. um. but alkjfldkjflksjdlfjsdl LOST TODAY AND OHMYGOD LOCKE I CAN'T TAKE IT, HE'S ALMOST AS RIDICULOUS AS THE SPARKLY VAMPIRES WHAT. but an hour after that it was spn and alkfjdkldsfjklsdjlfsd folsom prison blues, omgomg that episode is always for the fucking win.

and now a meme, because i've had this done for a long time now but somehow never got around to posting it. 8D

Comment and I'll tell you five things I associate with you. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

got these from iambic. ♥

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and another five from melissa popkin16

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question: WHY ARE THERE NO ICONS OF RODNEY AND HIS ORANGE FLEECE? WHY, WHY? i was changing my icons and i thought, oh, hmm, that would be lovely, and i only have, like, two, what is this madness. WHERE ARE ALL THE ORANGEFLEECED!RODNEY ICONS? I CAN'T FIND ANY.

butbutbut this post has gone on forever, what, and i'm ridiculously tired right now and it's past two am, so. ta!
kisses from kitties

and i drew a new face and i laughed.

so the friend thing's all solved now. i won't ever be friends with her again, but at least we'll now be ignoring each other instead of me listening to her insults, and i've managed to clear things up with another friend who, unfortunately, was caught in the middle of this. so it's all good, because. well, it's alright, it really is. tbh, i now feel i've become even closer to this other friend (we had a group of four, of sorts) because she was absolutely amazing and was there for me all the time. ♥

and thank you all who commented on the meme thingamy, all your comments made me so happy i can't even begin to tell you. seriously, i love you guys. ♥ (and asdljahfldsl jenni, i'm still reeling about the account, special special thanks to you! :DDD)

and you know what, guys? I'VE NOW SEEN THE FIVE FIRST EPISODES OF MERLIN, and asdslkjaflkjds the amounts of love i'm feeling here is really just ridiculous and disturbing and how can this show be so good, i don't get it, and, and the characters, and I DON'T HATE ANYONE. NOT MORGANA, NOT GWEN, NO ONE. IN FACT, I LOVE MORGANA AND GWEN, THEY'RE SO KICKASS. and that's really unusual, because i'm used to loathing at least one of the main female characters. (actually, i don't hate anyone in sga, either.) and MERLIN! AND ARTHUR! ARTHURMERLIN! jesus, the ghei is sparkly epic and obvious and ohmygod, this show. i do so love shows where the ghei is almost canon and the actors are ridiculously attractive and what, what. hahahahah i'm so loving this show. ♥ :DDD (also: colin morgan (merlin) was in doctor who's ep midnight, what the hell. now that i think about it, it's obvious, but never once did i think i'd seen colin anywhere before merlin asdlkjfdslj.)

(and no, i didn't finish sga yet. i've the last episode left, butbutbutbutbut OHMYGOD VEGAS. VEGAS. I NEED TO WATCH IT AGAIN, BECAUSE, WELL, BECAUSE VEGAS. IT WAS AWESOME, OMG, AND HAHAHAHHAHAHAH TODD! (i did not know that todd's actor also played halling. that's amusing. and i found out that HE'S ALSO ALASTAIR FROM SUPERNATURAL WHAT, HAHAHAHAH. i'll now definitely be associating these shows with each other, omg.) ... why is fandom breaking my brain so much i love it.

eta: !!! ASDLJKALJALJHAHHALJF MISHA COLLINS IS IN TODAY'S CSI: NEW YORK WHAT THE HELL. I MEAN IT, WHAT THE HELL HAHAHAHAHAHAH. how random is this, honestly. i mean, and i'm watching grey's anatomy here, and the commercials came on and i switched to csi:ny and and and THEN HE WAS JUST THERE, IN ALL HIS SPARKLY, ANGELIC GLORY. with slightly weird hair, but what the hell. THIS MUST BE DESTINY. HIS CRACK FUELS MINE, OMG. MIIIIIISHA~

eta ii: oh yeah, it was the one where he was a deranged killer. it's insane, seriously, because no matter what it is, no matter how many people his character kills or no matter how epic or tense or whatever the scene, i CANNOT STOP LAUGHING WHENEVER HE'S ON SCREEN. i mean it. i kept cackling gleefully everytime i saw him. xDDD;
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soy un perdedor, bebé.

wip meme, because a) i am sick and tired of reading psychology, b) i'm bored, c) forty-five minutes 'til bones, and d) i am bored, therefore i want to eat like crazy only there's nothing worthwhile to eat and so, meme. my logic is astounding.

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

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... yeah. there are loads of other fics i've started, but these are the most recent ones, or, at least, the ones that mean the most to me at the moment. ask away, if you want, and i'll do my best to answer. maybe. :D
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