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kisses from kitties

secretamente, entre la sombra y el alma.

supernatural. seriously. i am obsessed, and i have no idea why. seriously, i haven't even seen the fourth season yet. i haven't even seen the third season yet, okay, except for those three first episodes. uh, not that i ain't spoiled, because spoilers are to me like nuts are to squirrels. or like dean is to castiel! um. but. but. WHATEVER SHALL I DO.

i've got loads of school stuff to do but asdfdlk i just, asdlj, and then there are these memes i've been hoarding for ages but never actually finished and/or posted. gah. and you all know memes are more fun than school stuff. really. this one i nicked from popkin16;

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A LETTER MEME: comment (saying "gimme a letter!" or summat, please) and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter. afterward, post this in your journal and give out letters of your own.

rommipullo gave me q. and then she said and then B and C if you has all for Q. that bastard. 8D

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and soon it'll be criminal minds & house tiemz (srsly, why do they have to come at the same time? argh!) and then it'll be supernatural tiemz and omg, dean angst! MANLY PAIN. :D
kisses from kitties

look it's pluto.


I HAD A MOMENT OF STUPID. UTTER, UTTER STUPID, OKAY, because today i had my english reading comprehension and fuck fuck fuckity fuck, okay, because i did NOT write the title before for the essay. FUCK, I'M TELLING YOU. FUCK.

i don't know, it all went well, it was relatively easy and the essay was a even easier and, and, i just ... my brain went boinks! and i just sort of ... alhfl,ljhfld i didn't know if i should put the title there or not and then i didn't and now everyone's all "omg of course there's gotta be a title!" and i'm just. i don't know if they take points away if you don't put the title there. i did put the number, but. shit. shit.

i will be so angry with myself if the whole thing fucks itself up because i didn't write the title. i already am, but. ljdf;fdlkld. D: and then there's the history/culture thing to do till thursday at the latest, and the matriculation exam for philosophy on wednesday, and just. i am so exhausted.

also, i had this meme lying about:

jessicamee gave me p:

o1. prose. ♥
o2. pterodactyl = myfanwy = torchwood = jackianto. i love my logic.
o3. potter-series. seriously, i will never leave the fandom. it's a curse. XD;
o4. pikku prinssi, which is le petit prince in finnish, omg. ♥
o5. persona 3, which is one of the most awesome games ever, okay. akihikominato, omg, ahahah.
o6. padacocklecki. and that's basically supernatural, right?
o7. pöllö & pp is what my sister calls our cats, even though their names are uuno & jojo. so yeah. :D
o8. pancakes, because food? life.
o9. phantasmagorical. i love that word. surreal, surreal.
1o. peter & wendy. i want to go to neverland.

+ tons of bands and artists and songs. oh yeah.

i need to do the pairings!meme and the hot people!meme that i've somewhere around here but haven't actually got around to doing. it'd certainly make me feel better. XD;;