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kisses from kitties

a la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long.

nnnnaaaargh, i am so behind on my flist reading. but then, it's been one hell of a weekend.

so. A LOT OF STUFF'S HAPPENED, but i'm too lazy to write detailed descriptions, so the short version:

→ i graduated from upper secondary school on saturday. i was pretty nervous, but it went fine. i got two scholarships (i'm not quite sure that's the right word to use, but i got awarded for showing great skills in english and some other thing i didn't really get, um) and JESUS MY FEET WERE DEAD AT THE END OF THE DAY. but it was nice, our relatives came over to celebrate and later two of my friends came, too, and we had a really good time. ♥

→ on sunday i went to linnanmäki with a friend. (it's a sort of an amusement park.) hee, i'd forgotten how fun it is to sort of succumb to the horrified laughter that's inevitable when in some of the more scary rides. (we went to space shot for the first time, asd;fldjs, I WAS SCREAMING SO HARD OMFG.)

and, you know, SUMMER VACATION. now it finally feels like it, too, despite the fact that my school's been over for a few months already. and it's been so warm, too, eeeee. (i already have a bit of a sunburn.)

and i'm thinking about going to the ruisrock festival in july. the thing is, i'd like to, i'd really really like to, because there's been all this awesome planning about it but. IT COSTS SO MUCH. DDDD: so i'm not really sure yet. (even though i sort of am. i'm pretty sure i've actually decided already, but i'm just in denial and haven't bought the ticket yet.)


considering that i missed their last concert because of some stupid, silly reasons (ie. we were being DUMB) i am not going to miss this one, asd;lfkjdsl.

oh my god i'm so excited already. MUSE. MUSEMUSEMUSEMUSEMUSE. :DDDDDDD

and, also, because my posts wouldn't be mine if there weren't some otp fangirling: shelter is one of the most adorable movies i have ever seen. i mean it. i watched it last night and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i'm still squealing about it, just, randomly going all "asd;fldkjsl so cute so cute so cute i can't stand it eeeeeeeee" and, and SHAUNYPOO and COOOOOOODY and ahahahaha i really loved gabe ridiculously much considering he wasn't very much in it, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and, well. just, you know. watch it, if you can. ♥

also i had this epic lulz-moment today when i was re-watching doctor who, season two, and i watched the girl in the fireplace and OMG THAT'S MERLIN!GWEN WHUT. i so wasn't expecting her to be there. it was bad enough when uther anthony head was in the previous episode and all i could think about was uther gone alien. ;_; :DD

and now, yeah, SLEEP. :D
kisses from kitties

oh gosh


so i got my matriculation exam results. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, YOU GUYS. i'm going to graduate, asljfkls thank god. they went as followed:

english: L
finnish: L
swedish: M (one point from an E!)
psychology: C
philosophy: M

and it goes like this, from the best to the worst: L, E, M, C, B, A, and I. asljflsd. i don't think i really believed i'd get laudatur in both english and finnish but. but. it's funny, though, because when my sister got the mail and told me my results had come, i was all sorts of nervous about it, but right now, it doesn't feel like a big deal at all, even though it sort of is.

but crappity crap, graduation's next week. i just about have my dress, and that's it, haven't got any shoes yet not to mention the student cap and all the preparations and and and. ;_; WAI U SO SOON, WAI WAI.

also, annabean, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. you made me curious, and, and, IT'S YOUR FAULT. (ie. i've now watched the last two sundays' episodes of inspector hathaway lewis and WHY IS HATHAWAY SO CHARMING. he's like, he's so. and he's just. HOW IS HE SO BRILLIANT. i don't even know what, exactly, it is about him but he's just. he's just brilliant.

askljfdl last episode of the friday night project was the one with john barrowman. :DD christ, that's one great episode, there literally wasn't a minute that went without me laughing like a mad person. :D also i'm going to be very, very mad if they don't show the catherine tate show christmas special with colin morgan. because frankly, that's too good not to see properly in the telly. 8D

and new layout, too! basically because the old one looked fugly with the ads coming back and all. :D
kisses from kitties

this is fierce wretched.

.one as of now, i only have one exam left: finnish, written part on monday and fucking hell yes, then it'll be over!

.two it's gone, idk. i wouldn't say well, but surprisingly adequately. i doubt i'll get laudatur in english, even though today's written part went pretty well, but the listening comprehension was just nnnaaaargh. and in swedish, my combined preliminary results are about 84/114, so that sounds like an m, which is alright because the exam was goddamn hard. and psychology, who knows, and. yeah.

.three I'M SORT OF HAVING A LOVEHATE RELATIONSHIP WITH GRAPES, as in i love them beyond belief but i've had grapes with me to every single exam i've had, and that's a pretty huge amount of grapes.

.four exhausted me is exhausted. i'll be so fucking relieved once i'm finished. but then i'll have my driving test, 'cause, y'know, i sort of failed on thursday when i had it the first time. *shifty*

.five the obligatory fandom squee: BONES. TONIGHT. TONIGHT'S BONES. THE FINALE OF SEASON THREE. I MEAN. WHAT THE HELL. BECAUSE ZACK. AND. AND ZACK, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE, OH MY GOD, SHOW, BREAK MY HEART INTO TINY LITTLE PIECES, WHY DON'T YOU. DDDDDDD: ... and yet i loved it ridiculously much. ♥ nnaaaargh, show, what you do to me. on the other hand, sweets remains amazing and cracked cracky.

... okay moving on. have a book-ish meme:

Collapse )

and considering the fact that it's now 1:11 am, and i've slept five-six hours these past few nights, i'm gonna go to bed. because sleep! sleep is good! ta. ♥
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kisses from kitties

could we stay right here; until the end of time, until the earth stops turning?

I DID IT, IT IS NOW OVER. mostly. maybe. BUT STILL, ZOMG. i finished my matriculation exam in philosophy about ... one and a half hour ago. i am so relieved. it didn't really go so well (i think) and i might have misunderstood half the questions but you know what? i don't care, because it is now over and i'm exhausted and my lower back and neck are so sore it hurts to sit and my fingers are a mess and i couldn't even open a darn bottle an hour ago. but y'know. :D

so yeah, still the exams in spring, but they begin in what, february? lafj;fldj i'm so relieeeeved, and now i've five days off, phew.

... only in, like, half an hour i need to leave again with my sister. the third lesson in japanese, omg! i don't know the hiragana we were supposed to learn, shiiiiit.


eta: also, another school massacre here in finland. yesterday, but. what the fuck. i mean. oh god. two within a year. two. how is this possible? i'm just. i don't even know what to say.